In theory, a duct with a great air filter and no leaks in the ducting system is going to get very little in the way of contaminants. However the real world bucks the theory. So, when do your ducts need cleaning?

Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned - Chico CA - White Glove

  1. When you look in them and see a lot of dust, or dirt around the registers on the ceiling or louvers. If they are on the floor you can usually lift the louvers and look down inside.
  2. If you have allergies that go away when you leave the home or office. Something in that environment is affecting your health.
  3. If the furnace or air conditioner was used while you had construction going on – construction dust gets sucked in.
  4. If your filter is sized wrong, missing, or plugged. (We’ll install a properly sized electrostatic air filter as part of our duct cleaning. We want them to stay clean after we clean them. These filters need cleaning but never need replacing.)
  5. If rodents got in or water – probably you need to replace the ducting. We can help.
  6. Are there odors when the unit is running?

Additional Information and duct cleaning options:

We don’t give a price for duct cleaning by phone. We come and look first to see if they are dirty. If they are dirty then we want to find the cause – otherwise they just get dirty again. We test and measure the ducts for leakage.

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