We Love Our Customers!

You are always cheerful and attentive. Punctuality – dead on or before. Professionalism – excellent. You always answer questions in an easy way [to understand]. The tarps are always clean and my home is always clean after. What I like best is your reliability and quality. I can trust you!

~ Dr. Evan Reasor, Redding, CA

Your politeness is demonstrated in friendship. Convenience? A-1. You arrive on time. Your professionalism is A-1. You are able to explain a problem in a way we understand – Yes, you are experts. There is no mess.

~ Michael and Sherilyn Drale – Redding, CA

Politeness – excellent
Convenience – excellent
Punctuality – excellent
Technical knowledge – excellent
Quality of work – excellent.
You do what you say you’re going to do. You’re honest. You’re like working with family in terms of our level of trust, expectations, and performance. You are all top notch.

~ Madeline Rippe – Shingletown, CA

Dear Bob,
Thank you for your gracious handling of our complaint. By way of explanation, as I’m sure you & your staff were curious but were too polite to ask, I will offer this brief tale of the chicken in the duct. Turns out that this was the work of our obviously disgruntled & vindictive ex-renter who we evicted in October after 6 month of proceedings for lack of rent payment (not to mention the large marijuana growing operation had going on our property). We had 2 CA State Troopers supervising & escorting him off the property but he was allowed to return with the Management company employee to get his stuff out the following weekend. At that time he must have taken the store bought chicken & stuffed it down the vent as a final act of vengeance. As it turns out, this is the same creative mind that made headline news in your community (& world wide it turns out) for cooking & feeding the dog to his girlfriend (when you were first called we had no idea of what this character was capable of as his stunt with the dog was more recent). This is certainly “one for the books”! We are probably lucky it was JUST a chicken… I guess, considering this warped individual’s history, it could have been worse!

~ Carolyn Keller

I like being notified each year so I don’t have to think about it. You are easy to schedule with and very professional. We relined our fireplace to a new insert and you explained what you were doing in a way we could understand easily. I like the way you cover my floors with drop cloths. You are friendly, considerate, and flexible.

~ Billie Cooper, Red Bluff, CA

You are the best. You are good at what you do. I am perfectly satisfied.

~ Donald Garden, Chico, CA

You did a great job! Clean, on time, and friendly.

~ Sandy McMahon, Chico, CA

You are efficient yet took extra care to be clean.

~ Kent Needham, Chico, CA

Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney) was very easy to schedule with. They showed up on time. The technicians were very competent and knowledgeable and were able to explain the job in understandable terms. They covered the floor and shielded the fireplace to keep dust and ash from the room. Everything was satisfactory! They are competent.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Russell Todd, Anderson, CA

I will use Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney) again. Everything went perfectly. You cannot be improved.

~ Jean DeAmicic – Redding, CA

I recommend Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney) to my friends. I will use them again. They installed my stove well – Good service.
politeness – excellent
convenience – excellent
punctuality – excellent
technical knowledge – excellent
quality of work – excellent

~ Greg Mathews – Red Bluff, CA

You are courteous, friendly, punctual and very easy to schedule with. You do quality work. We like how you take care when bringing your equipment in and out and also take care to not track dirt in. We love your reliability

~ Dave Klasson, Redding, CA

We had problems in the past with another company. Out of a 10 I’d give Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney) a 12. They are good!

~ Charlotte McCarthy, Redding, CA

I called other companies but they would not come out. I recommend you. You are on time, friendly, clean and professional. I am very happy with your service.

~ Leslie Baken, Chico, CA

You are very professional, prompt, and do clean work.

~ Tony Baptiste, Cohasset, CA

You did great and fixed the issue.

~ Lynn Kyle, Chico, CA

Phil with Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney) recently evaluated and improved our dryer vent efficiency. He was prompt, courteous, professional and very skilled in his work. We schedule regular annual servicing with Flue Season for our fireplaces as well. I highly recommend Phil and the great staff of Flue Season (now White Glove Chimney).

~ Carole Berry

Bob and his team at Flue Season (now White Glove) have inspected and swept our fireplace and wood burning stove chimneys since we moved to Shingletown in 2006. Their knowledge and expertise about chimneys and venting and how to solve “smoke” problems is invaluable. They know their business, are efficient and respect our property. The house is clean when they leave. We trust them and highly recommend them.

~ Bonnie N., Shingletown, CA

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