Where is Flue Season?

Where Is Flue Season?

Looking for Flue Season? We’re still the same great company with the same great service! We’ve simply changed our name to better embody who we are and what we’re about.

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As a company, our name is the first point of communication we have with our customers — It tells you what we value and what you can expect from us. Unfortunately, as much as some of us enjoyed the pun “Flue Season”, it didn’t really convey who we are as a company, and many of our customers didn’t get the joke. That’s why, after 37 years as Flue Season, we decided to change our name to White Glove Chimney & Air Duct. We feel that White Glove communicates something from the start: we’re smart, we’re sophisticated, we’re experienced, well-trained, and dedicated to the highest level of service possible. We care about your home, we care about keeping it clean, and we want to provide absolute professionals that are safe and secure to have in your home.

The decision was part of a 4-year process that involved changing the model of our business to better extend our values, services, and expertise, and ensure that the level of service we deliver never suffers, regardless of whether or not owner Bob Ferrari is out on the roof or another member of our team is doing the work. We’ve added people to our team that possess the same dedication to the very high level and personal level of service that we’re known for.

As part of our name change, and to ensure that all of our employees are knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped to deliver “White Glove” service on each and every job, we’ve built a training center here at our main location. Every single member of our team undergoes on-site training with Bob, who has decades upon decades of industry knowledge and experience. From chimney and dryer vent cleaning to air duct repair and stove installation, our technicians learn how to expertly perform any of the services we offer with the level of professionalism that you expect and deserve. Our technicians train for 90 days before ever going out on the job, and don’t even get into a truck to provide service until they’ve received certification through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Even after receiving certification, our technicians work for a full year with one of our senior technicians before going out on their own.

Watch our owner Bob Ferrari explain it better in is own words:

We don’t want you to have to worry about whether or not our technicians did the job right – we want you to know that proper, professional service is a given when we’re in your home.
The White Glove logo on our trucks and on our uniforms reminds us that, no matter what job we’re on, we’re out to provide the highest level of care and customer service. And that informs our decisions when we’re in your home. Those of us here at White Glove want you to know that we’re dedicated to doing our part to make sure that your life is happier and better with us in it. That’s the White Glove mission.