Many homes still utilize an open hearth for both ambiance and supplemental heat. An open fireplace burns wood, and is often constructed with the house. If you purchase an older home, it may have the original fireplace and chimney. If this is the case, your chimney and firebox is designed together—the chimney sized appropriately for the hearth’s capacity. Despite good construction, proper fuel, and routine care, your open hearth can cause you problems. Open fireplaces lose heat. They can be drafty and difficult to maintain a temperature. In fact, your open fireplace may be costing you money year-round! Raise efficiency and get more out of your hearth by adding an insert.

Inserts Save Money

Since an insert is a closed unit, it works like a stove, using more of the heat for the home. It burns cleaner and works more efficiently. With an insert, you don’t have to worry about losing your heat up the flue. When the insert is not in use, the closed doors will prevent conditioned or heated air from escaping.

Inserts are Better for the Environment

You will burn less wood, spend less money on heat, and require less routine maintenance. This is because your system will work better. Your insert will be more efficient than your open fireplace – even by 80 percent! When the system is more efficient, there is less impact on the environment, both in consumption and pollution.

Inserts are Beautiful

You can upgrade an old, tired, open-hearth by adding an insert. The insert will be installed directly into your existing firebox. It gives it a facelift without altering the original masonry. Inserts come in many styles from contemporary to traditional, feature large windows, and can be paired with new stonework to transform your hearth.

Inserts are Easy to Install

It is easy and cost-effective to convert from an open hearth to an insert. It will require a professional chimney sweep to measure the area so that an appropriately-sized insert can be retro-fitted into your existing firebox. Getting the measurement wrong can waste time and money. A certified chimney sweep will also assess the existing chimney for soundness and function. Since the insert is slightly smaller than the firebox, the capacity is slightly less, which is a whole different equation. A professional will need to replace the liner to be an appropriate size. Otherwise your fire may not burn hot enough to push the air through a too-large flue. The best option is to have a stainless-steel liner installed. They are the longest-lasting liners, and are especially appropriate when converting from a wood fireplace to a gas insert because they’re safe for all fuel types.

Inserts are Available Now

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