Don’t Start a House Fire from the Ashes

A cozy fireplace will stay that way if there is proper maintenance, and proper disposal of ash is one of the primary steps. Most of the time, ash buildup in the fireplace is underrated by homeowners. We think that it’s just dust lying around the fireplace. What we do not know is this: house fires could be ignited by chunks of live coal hidden in the ashes. One minute you’re putting out the flames from the fireplace leaving only ashes, and the next you’re running out the house because of an unexpected fire.

If you use the wrong accessories (i.e. plastic) you will not be able to safely clear out your ashes. Always use metal.

If you use the wrong accessories (i.e. plastic) you will not be able to safely clear out your ashes. Always use metal.

When you constantly use your fireplace or wood stove or any heating appliance in the home that involves burning material, you also need to properly dispose of the ash that lingers in the furnace after open combustion.  You don’t have to do this every day, once a week will be enough. Sure, homeowners can opt to do this themselves, but we from White Glove Chimney are more than happy to help.

Simple Tips on Removing Ash from the Fireplace

First things first, make sure you allow the ash to cool because it can really reach to a maximum level of heat and trust us, you do not want that touching your skin. Let it cool for about four to five hours after using the fireplace. After that, carefully sweep the ash with a broom and a metal dust pan. Also prepare a metal bin where you can put the ash. You might be wondering why you need to use metal equipment. Here’s why: when you talk about ash, nothing is ever guaranteed. Even if you’ve left it there for several hours already there might still be heating charcoals at the bottom of the residue. So for safety reasons, it is best to keep the heat stored in the metal bin, and away from flammable objects. After disposing make sure that you take the metal bin outside your house and wait for the garbage truck to come pick it up.

Hire a Professional

The secret to keeping your fireplace clean is to annually have your fireplace and chimney inspected and swept. This can assure you that your furnace is functioning properly and does not pose any threat to anyone in the house. Call us for that appointment now with White Glove so you don’t ever have to worry about your fireplace or chimney causing any kind of damage to your wealth and property and of course, your health.