Many homeowners spend even more time enjoying their outdoor gardens and patios when temperatures begin to cool in August and September. You can too. Barbecues and cookouts are not just for summer. You can enjoy your outdoor space while wowing your friends and neighbors by showing everyone that you’re a master at the grill! Anyone can be a grill master when you have the right grill. At White Glove Chimney and Air Duct, we have just the grill for you. The Saffire Kamado Grill is everything we could ask for in a grill, and we want you to experience it too.

Ceramic Kamado Grill

fruits and veggies of all sortThe ancient design of the Kamado grill is bringing grill masters back from gas to charcoal despite the convenience of gas grills. The Kamado grill makes a noticeable difference, and the difference is one thing in particular—flavor. Homeowners are investing in the Kamado grill for good reason. The thickness of the ceramic walls of the grill and the shape allows it to retain heat and use it efficiently for cooking. It draws air through the bottom to feed the fire and then vents it out the top of the grill, harnessing the power of a wood furnace, while drawing the flavor out along with the smoky flavor of well-cooked barbecue.

The use of the air in the Kamado grill allows you to regulate the temperature is very easy. Unlike gas grills, which use a continuous flow of fuel to maintain a consistent temperature, the Kamado grill maintains a stable temperature using oxygen and insulating walls. While your gas or cheap charcoal grill may rust or wear out over time, the Kamado grill is made of durable materials and can last outside year after year.

The versatility of the Saffire Kamado Grill

Another reason the Saffire Grill is growing in popularity and a favorite among our customers is because of the different types of grilling it affords. You really can be the Grill Master when you grill, roast, bake, and smoke on this one grill. Using these different methods of grilling you can make entrées, basics, and even dessert.

Check out these five favorites perfect for summer. Using recipes with fresh fruit is a treat this time of year because berries, peaches, and a host of other fruits are in season, which means they’re cheaper and fresher than ever. Check out the Saffire Grill website for more great recipes like this one highlighting vegetables that can be found in season at your local farmer’s market. The way the Saffire traps and draws out the flavors of your food means your fresh herbs, seasonings, and veggies will be even better than ever.

Not sure if your Saffire Kamado grill is right for you? Stop by White Glove and find out for yourself. We have grills at our showroom, the House of Fire, and we can’t wait to show you. Call or schedule online with White Glove at 530-924-3164 or stop by during our business hours!