Summer is at its end, and there is still time to have the fireplace of your dreams. When it’s time to light your fire this fall, the last thing you want is an unsafe, inefficient fire that smokes and puffs instead of comforts and warms. It is our goal at White Glove to enhance your winter, help you heat your home, and to enhance your winter experience with quality fire products. We want our customers to be safe and warm this winter, and that starts with a safe and efficient fireplace.

Upgrade for Savings

electric fireplace in homeIf your home has an old fireplace and chimney system, it may be costing you more than you realize. In fact, open fireplaces can cost homeowners up to 75 percent more in utilities year-round. During summer, warm and humid air can come into your home by way of the chimney. During winter months, too much heated-air escapes up the chimney, even while a fire is burning. What you think is helping to heat your home, may actually be costing you in central heating bills! Don’t sweat it, we have a solution. Our team of experts can retro-fit an insert directly into the existing fireplace to transform your open fireplace into a closed heat machine. An insert with a stovepipe will pipe the smoke directly up the chimney, and the flue is sized exactly for optimal efficiency.

Upgrade for Convenience

An inefficient fireplace can be a pain to light and require frequent maintenance due to soot and creosote which deposits in the system more when there is less efficiency. When your system is upgraded with an insert, your fire will be easier to light, will burn more efficiently, and will be safer and require less maintenance. If you’re looking for much more efficiency and very little maintenance, you can upgrade to a GAS insert. Gas inserts can be retro-fitted directly into your fireplace and some are even controlled by remotes. Gas fires are easy to light, have precise temperature controls and settings, and can be shut off immediately for safety and temperature control.

Upgrade to be Green

When your old inefficient fireplace is converted to an insert, your fireplace will be more environmentally friendly. Wood inserts produce less particulate pollution and smoke than open masonry fireplaces, but for even more eco-friendly fires you can choose a pellet or gas insert. Some states may even offer tax credits for such an upgrade because of how it benefits the environment.

Are you looking to upgrade your system this fall? When you start planning today, you can have a new fireplace insert before burn season! Call White Glove to talk about fireplaces, stoves, and inserts today. Our technicians are CSIA certified chimney sweeps who have the training and experience to match you with the best product for your family. Dial 530-924-3164 or schedule an appointment online.