If you’re like most of Northern California, you are gearing up for winter weather. As fall leaves begin to turn, it is the best time to prepare for fire burning season, and you can get a jump start by scheduling your chimney sweep today.

Beat the Fall Rush

The time between October and January is when chimney sweep companies are kept busy with installations, repairs, and emergency calls. It can be extremely difficult to get an appointment for routine maintenance during this time, and you may find it impossible! Don’t put it off. You still have a few weeks before temperatures dip, and if you schedule your chimney sweep now, you can rest assured that it will be fire-ready in time for winter.

The Importance of the Chimney Sweep

If you haven’t had your chimney swept since last year, you should have it done before you light your first fire of the year. There are problems that might have occurred over the summer months that went unnoticed. For instance, if your chimney cap became damaged or dislodged due to weather, your chimney is susceptible to water damage and animal intrusion. Even if an animal left your chimney safely, it still left behind debris that is flammable. Debris in the chimney, such as nesting materials, fur or feathers, or an animal carcass, can lead to a serious drop in efficiency, smoke problems, and fire.

If you haven’t had a leak or animal intrusion, your dirty chimney has set untouched this summer and is still dirty from last burn season. It’s important to have the soot, creosote, and ashes removed for the safest and most efficient fire possible.

What to Expect

A chimney sweep is an easy visit. It can be completed in one visit, requires minimal tools, and doesn’t affect the rest of your home whatsoever. When you schedule with White Glove, an experienced technician will come into the home and use special tools to reach into the flue and brush away the soot and creosote. Then he will remove these hazardous materials using an industrial vacuuming system that keeps all of the waste and dust from affecting your home, air, and belongings.

With each visit, we clean the entire chimney system as described above, and inspect it for damage and proper installations. We can service and maintain any brand and style of wood-burning stove, removing wood-burning inserts for a thorough cleaning, and inspecting the stove system.

Your chimney sweep can be completed whether the owner of the property is home or not, and findings only discussed with the property owner no matter who is paying for the service. If the property is tenant-occupied, the information will be sent to the owner.

Contact Us

With only a few months until winter, you should get your chimney sweep scheduled soon, and avoid any issues during your upcoming burn season. White Glove schedules chimney sweeps and inspections year-round, because we know how busy families can get. It’s our goal that our customers, new and old, can be safe and comfortable this winter.

You can schedule your chimney sweep online or call us today. Ask a White Glove technician about fireplace stain removal while you’re making your appointment!