Of all the issues that can occur in the life of your chimney, water is among the most detrimental. It affects the efficiency and safety of your chimney, while damaging structural components of your home. Every chimney is susceptible to water penetration! This is especially true if important preventative appointments are forgotten through the year.

Water and Your Masonry

Your chimney is designed to be porous so that heat and vapors are able to escape easily. The materials used to construct this masonry are all adversely affected by water. This causes rust, deterioration, stains, collapse, and more.

When water mixes with the soot and creosote in your chimney interior, it becomes highly corrosive. In doing this, it damages the liner and masonry quickly.

Damage to Your Home

A leak may start with your chimney but can cause leaks and stains throughout the home. This is because water will run through walls and ceilings until it reaches the lowest point. Afterwards, it penetrates the material there. So, you may find a leak several rooms away from the chimney. When you find a leak in your home, it’s most likely from the chimney. A leaky chimney can weaken building materials in your home, stain walls, ruin wall coverings, and weaken floors and other supports.

A Less Efficient Chimney

A leaky chimney can cause your chimney system to drop in efficiency. This is because the chimney is working harder to do its job. The chimney system is designed to vent smoke and gases the entire time a fire is burning. When water penetrates the chimney it can affect the draft in the chimney. It pushes the smoke and byproducts into the house, instead of allowing it to draw up the chimney and out of the house.

Damage to the masonry of the chimney, the firebox, and rusted parts such as the damper can cause the chimney to stop working completely. This puts your family and home at risk for health concerns and chimney fires!

What You Can Do to Avoid a Chimney Leak

The best way to avoid a chimney leak is to catch a problem before it leads to a leak. When you have your chimney swept regularly and inspected annually you are taking the most important step in prevention. It’s at these maintenance appointments that a chimney expert will notice a problem. When caught early, a chimney leak is easily fixed and easily prevented.

You can also have your chimney waterproofed by a professional. A chimney expert will apply a vapor-permeable sealer onto your masonry that prevents water penetration, but allows vapors to escape. This sealer prevents staining, mold and mildew development, and other chimney damage caused from a leak.

Remember, all damage from a leaky chimney can be prevented. In addition, preventative measures today can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars later!

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