Even the most efficient fireplaces need periodic maintenance and necessary repairs. The gas fireplace, insert, or stove is designed with the user in mind. They are highly efficient and even more convenient, with remotes, precise temperature controls, very little soot, and no creosote at all. A cleaning or service appointment is not as involved with a gas fireplace as with a wood-burning one. Your gas service call will keep your gas fireplace operating, and operating well, and necessary repairs to your gas fireplace are usually minor.

Common Gas Fireplace Repairsfireplace and wood floor

Pilot Light – One of the most common problems with gas fireplaces is a faulty pilot light. When the pilot light won’t light, it can be because you aren’t lighting it according to instruction, or it may be that there is a conflicting draft or pinched connection. A professional can replace the pilot if necessary, and check all connections which make the system light properly. Without the pilot light, the fire will not light.

Burner – It may be that the pilot light works properly, but the burners do not light. This is usually due to dirty burners which are neglected, or loose and unattached wiring. Finally, a thermocoupler malfunction can prevent the burners from igniting. A professional can run a test to determine if this is the problem with your gas fireplace.

Connections and Components – Over time your connections, components, and assemblies can become loose, dislodged, and malfunction. During a routine sweep or repair, your fireplace professional can tighten loose hinges, clean class, check connections, and replace damaged or missing parts.

Problems with a Damaged Gas Fireplace

If a gas fireplace is improperly installed or vented, more than just the fire will suffer. A damaged gas fireplace or improper installation can cause an excess of moisture in the home that can damage your wall coverings, floors, ceilings, and furniture. A vented fireplace should be properly vented, otherwise hazardous gases fill the home and affect the breathable air.

Finally, if there is not enough oxygen in the house, the gas fireplace will not be able to burn properly, efficiency will suffer, and the fire will not vent safely from the home.

White Glove Chimney and Air Duct strives to provide repairs, installations, and routine services for all fireplaces and fuel types. We are experienced in gas fireplace repairs, and we are confident that we can keep you warm and safe this winter, while saving you money and fuel. A well-working fireplace wastes less resources and is better for the environment. When you choose a gas fireplace for the convenience and benefits, the last thing you want is for it to malfunction and put your family in danger.

Call White Glove and avoid issues with your gas fireplace this winter. Get the work done before spring so that you can rest assured that it’s ready to shut down for the off-season. Reach a fireplace expert at 530-924-3164.