Despite the fact that you haven’t used your fireplace in several weeks and don’t intend to light it again until this fall, it’s important to maintain the integrity of the chimney system year-round. Your home is made more valuable by having a chimney and fireplace, but the only way to protect your property and maintain its value is to schedule important services annually. Scheduling routine services during spring each year allows ample time to make repairs before fall. If you wait to schedule your chimney sweep or inspection, you may end up waiting for important repairs, unable to get the desired appointment time or technician and even spending a few cool nights before your fireplace is safe to light. Get a Head Start on Chimney Repairs Now

Summer Chimney Repairs

Chimneys periodically require repairs in order to maintain safety and efficiency. When we inspect chimneys in Redding and Chico, California, we look for certain damage common to chimneys in our area. Chimneys in our climate of northern California often take on winter damage such as spalling masonry and deteriorated crown—damage that will be noticed by a professional but may be overlooked by the homeowner. Once the damage is recognized and reported, you will get a detailed report, including recommended repairs. When you work with White Glove Chimney and Air Duct, our team of chimney experts will create a repair plan that fits your schedule, your financial ability, and your chimney.

Water Damage

The biggest issue we see from our customers during the off-season is leaky chimneys. A chimney leak will lead to water damage including rust, deterioration, stains, mold, mildew, and more. The water will not only affect the masonry, the chimney, and all its components, but also floors, ceilings, and walls in the rest of the home. If you suspect a leaky chimney in your home, call White Glove today and we will not only repair the damage but stop the water at its source.

Masonry and Crown Repairs

When it comes to the masonry itself, our team sees spalling masonry frequently, as well as crown cracks and gaps. By repairing these components now more damage can be prevented. Neglecting it now during the off-season can mean the chimney doesn’t work properly this fall. Damaged masonry can prevent a proper draft from venting the fire and allow water into the system that can contribute to a drop in efficiency and a fire hazard.


Every part of the chimney system is important to the proper function of the chimney and fireplace. We see chimney flues without caps, roof and chimney intersections missing flashing, and even aged chimneys without liners or with inappropriately sized liners. Missing parts can be a recipe for disaster, contributing to serious threats such as accidental fire, carbon monoxide exposure, and more. Don’t put your family at risk. We can install new parts to replace the missing or damaged parts of your chimney system this summer and have it ready for burn season this fall.

Call White Glove to schedule your routine service, diagnostic inspection, and necessary repairs today. Dial 530-924-3164.