Even though you may be feeling the rising heat, it is not summer yet. Many homeowners haven’t even turned on the central air yet. If you live in Northern California or similar areas with low levels of humidity, you don’t have to! You can use a swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler this summer. There are so many benefits to a swamp cooler, and White Glove Chimney & Duct would like to tell you more about why we love them.

Evaporative Cooling

swamp coolerA common air conditioner pulls air from inside the home and cools it using a chemical/compressor process. Using the AC unit takes energy, and running it constantly throughout the summer can add up quickly on your monthly energy bills. Many homeowners don’t like the same air being used continuously and would rather use an alternative method of cooling, the swamp cooler, also called an evaporative cooler.

Swamp coolers draw air from outdoors, using a steady stream of fresh air to cool the home. They’re very effective coolers, as they’ve been used in areas with low-humidity for centuries. Some of our customers even remember their grandparents using the earliest forms of evaporative cooling—hanging damp sheets in windows and doorways to cool rooms in the summer. As the wind blows through the damp material, it is cooled. This science has been converted into a unit that is ½ the cost of an AC installation, uses ¼ the energy of an AC unit. These swamp coolers are perfect for the low-humidity region, especially here in Northern California!

Swamp Coolers in Chico/Redding Area

If you’re looking for a better experience cooling your home in Redding or Chico, California, White Glove can help. We’ve seen swamp coolers in action, and we want to bring them into your home. With a modern swamp cooler, you will see less electricity usage, fresh air continuously, no greenhouse gases, 25 years warranties, low-maintenance, bacteria-killing UV lights, and mineral build-up sensors. We even have units that are self-draining and self-closing. We only sell and install the best products on the market including Coolerado, Breezair, Aero-cool, Mastercool, and Essick (Champion).

How it Works

Swamp coolers usually come with two settings including a vent-only setting in which the pump doesn’t run and the fan circulates air through the home. This is particularly nice for mild weather during the spring and fall. When the swamp cooler is being used as an evaporative cooler, a pump is engaged. It pumps water from the reservoir into evaporative pads, which line the inside of the swamp cooler. As water is pulled through the pads by the blower, the air is cooled and distributed to the house.

How Swamp Coolers Compare with AC Units

Your swamp cooler will cool your home using less electricity, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, and adding moisture to the air in the process. It will do the job quietly, and it is easy to maintain. Air conditioners cost more to buy, install, and run, and they need professional maintenance and repairs when issues arise. This makes ACs more expensive to buy, maintain, and repair. Swamp coolers simply need a daily water source to work properly and yearly professional maintenance. The only thing you need to do is buy a top-of-the-line product from a reputable retailer, have it professionally installed, and use it according to the owner’s guide.

Still hung up on your air conditioner? Learn all about selecting, installing, operating, and maintaining your swamp cooler here. Then give White Glove Chimney and Duct a call to get yours.