No matter how long your spring to-do list has become, do not forget the maintenance that will keep your family and home safe. As often as you complete automobile maintenance, you should assess other things around the home that keep you safe–including your smoke detectors, cars, heat system, and clothes dryer vents.

The Danger of Dirty Vents

The United States Fire Administration reports there are 2900 dryer vent fires per year, and that they are not a small thing. These fires are to blame for approximately 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and around $35 million in property loss. The leading cause of dryer vent fires is the failure to clean them. If a dryer vent isn’t cleaned regularly, it becomes clogged with flammable materials (lint) and then slows the vented air which is heated. The result is a fire that threatens your property, safety, and your life.

Dirty Dryer Vent Symptoms

1. Your dryer takes more than one cycle to completely dry the clothes.

The dryer is designed to dry a moderately-sized load in one cycle. If it takes more than one, and the dryer is less than three years old, there is a dryer vent problem. Running the dryer 2-3 times for one load of clothes uses 2-3 times more electricity, and shortens the life of your dryer by 2-3 times. Your clothes dryer that should last 10 years will end up needing replacing in 3-5 years.

2. Your dryer is hot to the touch and heats the laundry room while running.

The excess water vapor, lint, and heat should be vented through the dryer vent hose. If the dryer is getting too hot or if the clothes are excessively hot when they finish drying, the vent isn’t working properly. Not only are you in danger of a dryer vent fire, but you will be spending more money to cool your house through the summer if your dryer is heating it as quickly as you cool it.

3. Condensation and microscopic lint pieces cover the walls and surfaces of your laundry room or home.

Like heat, the lint and condensation should vent out the dryer vent hose. If it ends up in your living space, it means there is a clog causing it to back up, a tear or hole in the ventilation hosing, or a disconnection that needs to be corrected. If you have a gas dryer, and you notice lint and condensation in the living area, you may be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning! Call a professional right away to make sure your family is safe inside the home.

Prevent Dryer Vent Fires With Routine Maintenance

You can save your dryer, save money, and save your property and life by scheduling routine maintenance. The clothes dryer is a great investment for your home, but needs to be properly maintained regularly. If your dryer vent wasn’t professionally installed, hasn’t been cleaned in the last 12 months, or has any of the symptoms listed above, it’s time to call White Glove for a dryer vent cleaning. We offer dryer vent cleaning using industrial tools that get the job done quickly without making a mess, and we check the vent itself for leaks as well.

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