You may be spending your days this spring with windows open as air feels fresh and warm, but soon you’ll be thinking of cranking on the air conditioner. Many homeowners put off turning on central air until it’s completely unbearable not too. The reason–it’s expensive. Collectively, Americans spend more than $22 million on air conditioning every year. This is a huge drain on the family’s wallet as well as the planet, and there’s a better way.Give Swamp Coolers a Try Image - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & Duct

Introducing the Evaporative Cooling System

It all started before electricity was a thing, and before air conditioners were in even the most sophisticated buildings. Before there was a system for cooling air with electricity, country folk found a way to stay cool. Many found that by dampening a sheet or other thin material and hanging it over windows or doors, the breeze would blow through it, resulting in cooler air. This does work, and there’s a science behind it that has resulted in units similar to air conditioning units, but that use less energy and do the same job! There’s only a few differences.

Swamp Coolers V. Air Conditioners

These units are appropriate for homes and businesses–even warehouses! They use less electricity, keeping the interior temperature at a comfortable level using 80 to 90 percent less power than an air conditioning unit! Swamp coolers work by using filter pads the same way generations before used sheets. First, the air is drawn into the unit through dampened filter pads, then pushed into the house. The filter pads are made wet by a reservoir inside the unit, and the only electricity used is that used to push the air through the unit. The process of cooling the air is a naturally-occurring process that only requires that the water is cooler than the air.

Air conditioners use a refrigerant to cool the air, and reuse the air over and over. This can cause the air inside the home to sometimes feel stagnant, and the process requires more energy, costing you more money. Swamp coolers constantly draw warm, dry air in from outdoors, circulating fresh air throughout the house. They don’t just use the warm, dry air–they require it. If the air is too moist when it’s taken into the unit, the process does not work and may even cause moisture damage to the home, so in humid climates, an air conditioner is still your best option.

Is a Swamp Cooler Right For You?

If you’re tired of paying an arm and a leg for your air conditioning every summer and live in our service area, a swamp cooler is right for you. This system of evaporative cooling requires a climate of less than 30% humidity, and here in Northern California, the climate is perfect.

Call White Glove and talk with a professional about your switch to a swamp cooler now.