Grilling season is here and Memorial Day is right around the corner! Our customers and House of Fire visitors are often interested in Saffire Kamado grills, and we love them too. Our customers are so happy with their Saffire grills that they refer their friends to the House of Fire for grill products and fire appliances. We are your one-stop shop for all your fire needs, and we also offer some of the best tips for grilling too.

The Saffire Kamado Grill

blue Saffire grillThis multi-level cooking grill is one of a kind. You can cook for your whole family or whole block using a Saffire Kamado grills. It is a ceramic grill, a smoker, and a wood-fired pizza oven, and it brings an ancient form of cooking right to your backyard in one unit. Using this grill, you can use your fuel more efficiently and experience an easy grill light. You also have more control of the flame and consistent temperature over the surface.

The multi-level cook surfaces allow for full meal cooking all with the same fire and using the same amount of fuel. These grills come with many features and benefits for better cooking, ease of use, safety and durability. It also comes with a revolutionary firebox equipped with an ash dump, large capacity for charcoal, and chip feeder. These grills are the highest quality grills out there. Buying one is an investment toward your home, family, and summer.

The Saffire as a Smoker

Once your Saffire Grill is filled with lump charcoal, your fire is going, and your food is prepped and loaded, then you’re ready to add the wood chips. These grills come equipped with a wood chip feeder to make loading wood chips mess-free and easy. You can smoke brisket or ribs for up to sixteen hours on one load of fuel due to their thick ceramic shell. Instead of the direct heat of a barbecue grill, the kamado grill acts as a smoker, cooking your favorite meats slower at a low temperature to bring out all the flavors you enjoy.

The Saffire as a Pizza Oven

A Saffire Grill can be also be transformed into a pizza oven by placing a pizza stone on top of the cooking grids. You should maintain the grill at 500-600 degrees before sprinkling cornmeal onto the pizza stone, and then add your pizza. If you want to make sure to not burn your crust, you can use the Ceramic Heat Deflector beneath the pizza stone to create a double layer of ceramic between the fire and the pizza.

The Saffire as a Charcoal Grill

With a Saffire grill, you can use lump charcoal to grill with direct heat from a fire just like your old charcoal grill. Saffire’s 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal isn’t filled with additives like other products. These briquettes are not compressed like other products, so they are easy to light and burn well. When you use Saffire’s lump charcoal, you can go from lighting to high-temperature grilling in 20 minutes. Are you already preparing for summer festivities? Visit White Glove’s House of Fire and ask an expert about the Saffire Kamado Grill today!