What is a crown and why would it need to be repaired?

The crown of a chimney is a solid covering that sits atop the masonry walls of the chimney. And just like a crown on one’s head, the crown on a chimney determines the fate of the chimney itself.

The crown of a masonry chimney serves the important purpose of draining water away from the flue. If the crown is deteriorating due to improper maintenance, age, or if it was improperly sealed, the chimney is left virtually unprotected from water damage. When water drains down into the chimney, it mixes with the lime (or holding agent) in the mortar, causing lime leaching/lime weeping. This invasion of water pulls the lime out of the mortar leaving it as a sandy buildup on the surface of the masonry. This lime leaching can lead not only to the formation of unsightly stalactites, it also leaves limeless gaps in the mortar, resulting in a structurally unsound chimney.

We at White Glove have the skill and knowledge to repair a chimney that has suffered this type of damage. However, it is much less expensive and much less invasive to make sure that the crown is waterproofed and in good working condition before this happens. If you already have a sound crown that simply needs to be waterproofed, a White Glove professional may only need to apply a crown sealant. If your crown is deteriorating or has large cracks, we may need to fill these cracks with a high-bond patching material before applying the crown sealant. When properly applied, the sealant will form a waterproof membrane between the elements and your chimney and can add up to fifteen years to the life of your chimney crown. With our professionally applied crown sealant products, you can be sure that water stays on the outside where it belongs. Long live the crown!


Pictured above is a cracked chimney crown in need of repair.


Pictured above is the same chimney crown after successful waterproofing efforts by White Glove.

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Faulty or damaged flashing around the chimney can lead to more major problems and damage down the road. Be smart about it and call White Glove to take care of this common chimney repair before it gets worse.