Real Estate Inspections: The Other Home Inspection You Need When Buying Or Selling A Property

Moving is about as stressful as it gets. You spend all of your free time packing boxes, researching neighborhoods, going to open houses, and — once you find the right place — negotiating closing costs. The moment you get the keys, you’re ready to have a celebratory drink and finally let out a big, long exhale.

Here at White Glove, we understand the tension, stress, and worry that can go along with buying or selling a home. But we’re here to make things just a little bit easier with our professional real estate inspections.

What Are Real Estate Inspections & Why Bother?

We specialize in real estate sale inspections, which can protect you (the buyer or seller) from unpleasant (and expensive) surprises during the sale of the property, as well as fire hazards and other related dangers after the transfer. Real estate inspections are vital to home safety, which is why they’re required by the NFPA 211 Standard. This standard states that all chimneys, fireplaces, and venting systems must be inspected by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep when a home is changing hands.

You may be thinking “What’s the big deal? I already had a home inspector on site and he didn’t say anything about the chimney.” Well, there’s a good reason. Home inspectors check some major things and make sure the home is up to code, but when it comes to chimney systems, they’re not very thorough.

The reality is, chimney inspectors don’t know the chimney industry standards and codes. And while they may use a flashlight to look up into the chimney or check to make sure a chimney cap is present, there’s a lot they’re not looking at or for.

That’s why it’s so important to have your chimney inspected by someone with the knowledge, certifications, qualifications, training, and equipment needed to provide you with a thorough and accurate view of the chimney in the home you’re buying or selling. You can count on White Glove.

What Will White Glove’s Inspectors Look For During A Real Estate Inspection?

Our trained inspectors use video equipment to look inside of the chimney flue, top to bottom. We’ll look for threats like cracks, breaks, rust, and holes, and check to make sure the hearth system was properly installed and is ready for continued use. In the end, this can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in surprise repairs, help you negotiate closing costs, and protect you legally, should something happen after the sale or purchase of the home.

Not only do we pride ourselves on providing thorough and accurate real estate inspections that are truly valuable and helpful for our clients, but we also work hard to provide fast, flexible scheduling. We know that time is one thing home buyers and sellers are typically short on, and we work hard to accommodate even the tightest schedules.

Protect Yourself & Enjoy Peace Of Mind — Call White Glove

So before you buy or sell, call White Glove to schedule your real estate inspection. We’ll perform a full Level 2 inspection (as defined by the NFPA 211 Standard), and thoroughly evaluate all accessible portions of the chimney structure, the appliance conductor, and the flue. Should we find any damages or other concerns, we’ll provide details (including photos and detailed documentation), as well as costs for any recommended repairs. Does the chimney have a clean bill of health? We’ll provide you with the proof so you can move forward with your purchase or sale with confidence.

Ready to make moving a little less stressful? Call White Glove or click here to request a real estate inspection today. We’re here to help.