The Convenience Of Gas

One of the biggest benefits of having a gas appliance is that you can literally have a beautiful, blazing fire in an instant. Because the fuel supply is always connected to the unit and ready to go, there is no heavy lugging of logs or wood pellets required. Just flip the switch and relax!

In addition to the convenience of using gas as a fuel source, gas is also a greener choice. It burns much cleaner than wood or pellets and smoke problems are virtually non-existent. You also don’t have to worry about the mess of cleaning out ash or fuel-particles. Now, if your biggest reason for avoiding gas appliances up until now is that you love the look of a real fire, reconsider. Most gas appliances now boast beautiful, realistic fire with heat control that is superior to other fueled appliances. Gas appliances also typically work well despite the power situation, making them excellent heat sources during a blizzard or storm that knocks the power out. However, operating a gas-burning appliance can be costly as the price of natural gas (or anything for that matter) changes frequently.

Why White Glove?

When having your gas fireplace, insert, or stove installed, knowledge and experience is crucial. Any defects during installation could lead to a potential carbon monoxide problem or general inefficiency. Typically, gas stoves should be serviced every two years to ensure that the millivolt generator and burner are working properly and to evaluate the electronic valve and ignition systems. It is also important that the jets be cleaned when the stove is serviced.

If you do choose a gas-burning appliance, it is imperative that you have it serviced annually to check for potential problems and leaks. When gas is burnt incompletely, it produces carbon monoxide which is a potentially deadly, invisible, colorless and odorless gas. Most people who are exposed to this gas have no idea why they aren’t feeling well.

Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can cause permanent damage to your organs and has claimed many lives. Having your appliance inspected and serviced annually can protect your family from this dangerous gas. It is also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home to give you peace of mind between White Glove visits.

If you desire a convenient, consistent, eco-friendly heat supply, a gas fireplace, insert or stove may be the right choice for you.

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Wood pellets may be the solution to your fireplace or stove fuel source concerns and questions. Check it out when your are thinking about adding or upgrading a fireplace, stove or insert.