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Why Pellet Stoves?

Pellet-burning fireplaces, inserts and stoves make use of compressed, recycled biomass to fuel the fire. Wood pellets are typically made out of some sort of sawdust or wood shavings and are popular because they burn cleaner than wood, produce less smoke and ash and are quite easy to store. They also provide consistent, reliable temperatures. Another reason pellets are a popular choice is that they are easier to carry from your storage area to your appliance, as they are smaller and lighter than logs.

Wood pellets are great for homeowners that want the crackle and look of a real wood fire without the sometimes-heavy supply of smoke and ash. Like its sister fuel, wood pellets are an inexpensive renewable resource and are easy to find. They can usually be purchased in pretty much any quantity, whether large or small. With a wood-pellet burning appliance, you basically get the benefits of wood in a more convenient, more eco-friendly package.

Even though pellets produce very little smoke and ash, most pellet-burning appliances rely on a fan to push naturally-occurring byproducts out of the appliance and home. These byproducts are naturally-occurring water vapors and gases, and should not be released into your home.

Because pellet appliances typically rely on an exhaust fan to function safely and efficiently, most of these appliances cannot be used during a power outage. For this reason, they may not be the right appliance for you if you live in an area that frequently loses power in big storms.

Why White Glove Chimney?

Pellet-burning stoves first came onto the market in 1982 and are quite complicated systems. These vintage stoves require yearly checkups to ensure that everything is operating properly. When a pellet-burning stove is neglected, repairs can be quite costly so it is financially beneficial to have your stove serviced annually. White Glove professionals have years of experience maintaining and installing all brands and types of pellet-burning stoves. With our knowledge and experience, you can trust us to conduct a thorough inspection on each visit. A typical visit includes a cleaning of all heat exchangers and passageways, motor disassembly and evaluation and more. If you are worried about parts availability for your older model pellet-burning stove, don’t fret; most parts are still available regardless of the age of the model.

Whether you are considering a pellet-burning stove, fireplace or insert, we can help you sort through the options and make the right decision for your heating needs.

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A popular choice for a fuel source is, of course, wood. Consider the pros and cons when you add or upgrade a fireplace, stove or insert.

It is the fortune inside that we look forward to when eating a fortune cookie. White Glove might be the cookie, but we provide you with the fortune you seek.

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