The Ultimate Home Appliance Checklist

(for homeowners stuck at home)

Four seasons, four problems. Having all four seasons and living in California may be the dream but more seasons increases the use of home appliances. Whether you’re heating your home with a fireplace, cooling your home with a swamp cooler, or needing your air ducts to keep out pollutants in the spring, your appliances are working hard. But what happens when they stop working? 

Best case scenario you’re uncomfortable for a season, worst case scenario you face the risk of home fires, health hazards, increased allergies, and high energy bills. We are all spending more time at home so keeping energy bills affordable and make sure you are comfortable may seem like a pipe dream… but not anymore!

To keep your appliances working safely and efficiently in each season, yearly maintenance is key. Here is a maintenance checklist for your most used home appliances. 

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Fireplaces & Stoves

Every year, your heating appliance should be inspected and cleaned. Without these annual inspections, your chimney could be a hazard to your home and family. 

With each visit to your home, we clean the entire chimney system and inspect for damage and proper installation (for details on what each inspection includes, click here). We also provide a written report, detailing our findings and recommendations for a safer, more productive system. 

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Dryer Vents

Most of us know that a dryer’s lint trap needs to be cleaned out regularly. Yet, every time we check the trap, we are shocked by how much debris has accumulated there. We find dog hairs, little pieces of paper, tissue and, of course, lint. Now, imagine what your neglected dryer vents have collected over the months and years. Horrifying, right? Well, The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) understands just how horrifying it is and recommends having your dryer vent system inspected and cleaned annually to ensure that it is working efficiently and safely.

Additionally, our team can handle vent rerouting and repair if you find your have problems after your annual inspection. 

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Air Ducts

Dust is a part of life and sneaks into your home through doorways, windows, HVAC leaks and even hitches a ride on your scruffy little dog. When the outside air is dirty or polluted, you will most likely have even more dust coming into your home. As this dust enters your home, contrary to the popular belief of mothers worldwide, it is not all accumulating on table tops and fireplace mantles. It’s also settling into your air ducts and being circulated by moving air all through your ventilation system and back out into your living spaces. 

So what do you do? Get your air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned.

Although having your system inspected and cleaned can significantly reduce allergies, unpleasant odors and other air-quality issues, preventative measures can also be taken to ensure that your air stays clean.

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Swamp Coolers

First, if you don’t have a swamp cooler, you definitely want to consider one. However, if you have one then you want to make sure it’s working properly. 

That means checking to make sure all the parts are not rusted or damaged. 

White Glove sells and installs parts for most evaporative coolers if you do run into problems. If you want to upgrade your cooler, we carry Breezair, Aero-cool, Mastercool, Essick (Champion) and other brands of coolers to help you get the perfect system for your home or commercial building.

Ensure a warm, secure and healthy living environment by calling White Glove for maintenance before there’s a problem. With White Glove, you get guaranteed service from a licensed, insured and certified sweep at a fair price! Call us today at 530-924-3164 Ext. 2!