Chimney Damper Heating and Cooling Efficiency - Chico CA - White GloveIf you already own a fireplace, you’re well aware of all the components and accessories a wood burning appliance has. There are many gadgets including inserts, liners, sealers and dampers that can help keep your chimney clean and help you burn hot and efficient fires throughout the winter season. A top sealing damper is one of the most important and efficient add-ons you can purchase for your fireplace for a number of reasons. Having a fireplace means installing and caring for the best equipment possible, and not just during the cold winter season.

Most traditional appliances are equipped with a damper (if they aren’t you should contact your chimney repair professional immediately). The damper is typically located at the base, or throat of the chimney and serves to open and close the chimney. This lets oxygen into your chimney when it is in use, and prevents oxygen from entering your chimney when you aren’t burning a fire. Top sealing dampers are now being recommended for all fireplaces because they are located at the top of the chimney, and do a more efficient job of sealing off the chimney.

Keeping Cold Air Out

During the winter months, energy bills can be expensive. By utilizing a top sealing damper you can ensure no harsh, cold winter air is entering your chimney and allowing your heated air to escape. This will help your chimney and fireplace become efficient heating machines during the winter, when you need them the most.

Keeping Cool Air In

Many people don’t think about their chimneys during the summer months because their heating appliances simply aren’t in use. However, during the summer months, you should always have your top sealing damper in use, because cooling a home during the hottest months of the year can get expensive. A top sealer will close the chimney off at the source of hot summer air and guarantee all your cool, air-conditioned air stays where it should – inside your home.

Additional Benefits Of A Top Sealing Damper

This clip is courtesy of Richie Baxley at Environmental Chimney Service in Asheville NC.

This clip is courtesy of Richie Baxley at Environmental Chimney Service in Asheville NC.

Top sealers are great at ensuring all your heated OR cooled air stays right where it should, but there are additional benefits to investing in this accessory. Throughout the year twigs, leaves, bird nests and even small animals can fall into your chimney posing a serious threat. Not only is this dangerous for animals, but debris left in your chimney can cause chimney fires. In 2011 alone, there were over 53,000 home fires reported as a result of heating equipment. Investing in a top sealing damper is one of the safest ways to ensure your chimney is free and clear of any potentially hazardous debris.

White Glove Chimney located in Northern California White Glove Chimney & Duct is a professional chimney cleaning company that can help recommend the proper top sealing damper for your specific chimney. Beyond that, a professional chimney company can help sweep and inspect your chimney to make sure it’s operating as safely and efficiently as possible. Trust your local chimney experts and invest in the finest fireplace and chimney accessories to enjoy your fireplace all year long.