Thanks to recent federal regulations, wood heaters are required to be more energy-efficient. The 2020 EPA certified stoves are different than their predecessors. There is less human control over the air intake. The emission standards are very strict. Getting wood stoves to meet the clean air standards, provide heat, and still give you good economy has been a challenge.

New Wood Burning Basics - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & DuctOf those passing the new standards, and this means 2020 Certified, not 2020 exempt or other standards not accepted in California or much of the west coast, there are two factors to understand:

 First, venting and air supply are more important than ever. There is no fudge room. The way the chimney or liner is installed matters. Period.

Second, not all stoves can be turned down. This is going to frustrate wood burners who are used to the old designs. All stoves are not the same. To pass the emission standards many only pass when burned on high. These stoves are called “single rate burners”. They can’t be turned down.

The best stoves, such as the Lopi, might be turned down as much as 40,000 BTU. That means they passed the test at both high and low burn rates and will feel more like the stove you are used to when burned, as well as useless wood and be better for the environment.

Be careful – Many stoves often do not meet California standards and cannot be permitted or cannot be turned down and will frustrate the heck out of you.

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