August may mean school starting and fall coming, but there is still time left in summer. It is the best time for you to prepare your fireplace for winter. It’s not just about the right firewood, but also a safe and efficient chimney system. Summer is the best time to complete chimney maintenance, installations, and repairs.Now Is The Time For Chimney Repairs Image - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney

Avoid the Fall Rush

Scheduling your chimney services in the summer months means you can avoid the fall rush. This is the time between October and January in which chimney professionals are busy with repairs and installations. Waiting until fall to call a chimney sweep may mean you don’t get a desired appointment time, may not get the appliance or the service you want, and you may end up spending some cold nights waiting for repairs. With only a few weeks left of summer, it’s best to schedule chimney sweeps, inspections, installations, and repairs now.

Types of Chimney Repairs

Whether you noticed chimney issues last burn season and have never had it assessed or repaired, or you have noticeable chimney damage and need repairs, now is better than later. Common chimney repairs that we see here at White Glove Chimney & Air Duct include:

  • Chimney Leaks – If spring and summer rains have affected your masonry, you need a repair. Chimney leaks cause rust, masonry damage, home leaks, water damage, structural damage, and more. White Glove can repair masonry, replace chimney caps, flashing, and apply a waterproofing agent to the masonry for ongoing protection.
  • Crown Repairs – The chimney crown, even when well-constructed, becomes damaged over time by sun and water exposure. White Glove can repair and seal a damaged crown or replace it completely. Only a qualified professional can replace a masonry crown to proper specifications.
  • Flashing Installation – Flashing is made up of many thin layers of metal that are placed strategically and depend on the slope and material of the roof. Seams and nails should not be exposed, and the flashing shouldn’t need to be sealed with waterproofing sealant if it’s installed correctly.
  • Tuckpointing – Spalling masonry is when the brick and mortar becomes cracked, chipped, gapped, or even falls out of the chimney completely. A professional can remove this affected masonry and replace it using new mortar of the same consistency, color, and strength as the old mortar.

You may not have noticed any problems with your chimney system at all, but a professional can notice things that homeowners do not. A chimney inspection is the best way for a chimney professional to identify chimney issues and correct them before fall. Scheduling now means you will have time to make necessary repairs before fall.

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