This time of year is when homeowners are decorating for Christmas, gearing up to host parties, and take family photos. There’s nothing better than a new fireplace to generate some new life for your home and save you money. In fact, a tired old fireplace can be revitalized and begin saving you money when it’s replaced with a new insert.

Benefits of an InsertGive an outdated fireplace a new look with an insert!

You can’t go wrong with a new insert. It’s retro-fitted directly into your existing firebox and allows homeowners a new fire using the old system. When you hire a professional to install your new insert, you will have it correctly measured and installed. It can work with the existing chimney, or bypass it altogether. Inserts are also a closed unit which means no wasted air and a more efficient burn. Think of it as the beauty and style of a fireplace with the efficiency and heat output of a stove.

Fuel Types

Whether you want to continue burning firewood or want to convert to pellet or gas, you can still use an insert. Installing an insert is actually a great way to convert from wood to gas–a popular choice among homeowners who want more convenience and a smaller carbon footprint. Wood-burning inserts burn properly-seasoned wood efficiently and produce warmth that can be supplemental or a primary heat source for your home. Pellets are a manufactured product which burns cleanly and even has a convenient hopper that consistently feeds your fire. If you’re looking for the cleanest burn, but less heat, you can opt for a gas insert. Gas has the most benefits, with push button ignition, precise temperature control, and the ability to be extinguished instantly. Pellets are nearly as convenient with easy ignition and off capabilities as well. Wood inserts require the most work and result in the most mess.

Professional Installation and Care

It is important to schedule professional services for chimney and fireplace care. Routine services keep your system working well and working safely. This starts with installation. Your insert must be installed by a professional. Many homeowners may purchase an insert online or in a store and measure it incorrectly. This is a fire risk, because if there isn’t enough space between the unit and the firebox, it won’t be adequately insulated. If there is too much space between the unit and the firebox, it can be a serious fire hazard as well. Additionally, your flue will need to be resized once an insert is installed. This is because the insert is smaller than the original firebox. If the flue isn’t resized, it will result in a venting issue that can cause a smoky fire, a buildup of creosote and soot, and even carbon monoxide intrusion.

We can install your new insert and even resize your liner without costing you an arm and a leg. Check out our inserts online or at our House of Fire Showroom at 3128 Thorntree Drive. We’ll be there to answer your questions and concerns, Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings.