Much of the country has two options for cooling: the standard air conditioner and the evaporative cooler. Both options are effective for home cooling, but it’s important to choose the most efficient option for your home or business.

Air conditioners can be expensive to install and maintain, as well as raise energy costs. Air conditioners nationwide account for 5% of the electricity produced in America annually. An AC unit constantly recycles air, which can become stale, dirty, or moist, and homeowners often require dehumidifiers to protect their homes from unpleasant smells or mold buildup. Certain areas in the U.S. have humidity levels low enough to use an evaporative cooler. By choosing an evaporative cooler, you allow one unit to complete multiple tasks.

Ways Save Energy - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & DuctThe Coolerado Uses Water to Cool the Air

As swamp coolers go the Coolerado is an exceptional product on the market today. Like other swamp coolers, also called evaporative coolers, the Coolerado cuts cost by using water to cool the air that is drawn into the unit. By using this technology, the Coolerado saves on energy costs, as well as installation and maintenance costs. Although the Coolerado uses water to cool the air, it doesn’t add water to the air in the structure. This sets the Coolerado apart.

How it Works

The Coolerado doesn’t use refrigerants to cool recycled air from inside the home. Instead, it draws fresh air from outside the home and pulls it through air filters and a heat and mass exchanger (HMX). The process of cooling the outside air with the heat and mass exchanger pushes the warm, moist air out as exhaust, and the cool, dry air is released into the building.

These units are easy to install because they come as one unit. Depending on the size of the building, multiple cassettes can be stacked to increase output of cooled air, therefore raising efficiency. The engineers at Coolerado specialize in air conditioning systems for commercial, government, and military use, and use this patented design to provide the best product on the market.

What’s in it for You?

According to the website: “a single Coolerado unit can cool 3,000 sq/ft of building space, using as little as 1/3 the power of a standard hand-held hair dryer. Compared to many conventional systems, this can be a savings of up to 90% in energy costs, with a reduction in greenhouse gases from generating that power.”

The average swamp cooler uses 25% less electricity than a standard air conditioning unit. That means that the Coolerado operates at higher efficiency than other swamp coolers, out-performing air conditioners across all brands and technologies. Not only will it save you money, but it is better for the environment and better for your wallet.

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