White Glove Provides Trusted Chimney And Vent Care To Anderson

At White Glove, our service area spreads across a large portion of Northern California, including Anderson. If you live in Anderson and have been looking for a reliable company to care for your chimney and hearth system, air ducts or dryer vents, we’d love to help!

Honoring Wood In Anderson

Beyond being part of the Shasta Cascade region with its acres and acres of beautiful wilderness, Anderson is also home to Sierra Pacific Industries, the second largest lumber producer in the country and the stewards of nearly 2 million acres of timberland. The company has been consistent about communicating the value of sustainability and responsibility – they are certified Sustainable Forestry Initiative participants and employers of natural resource specialists whose task is to help consumers use wood effectively, while maintaining the forest, wildlife and water quality.

Wood plays a big role in what we do at White Glove too, as does responsible burning. Many of our clients — and many of our Anderson clients — use and love their wood-burning fireplaces and stoves, and along with our work toward maintaining and repairing those appliances and chimney systems, we take the job of enhancing efficiency and performance very seriously.

For clients who are looking for new hearth appliances, we can recommend well-made prefabricated systems that are designed to make highly efficient use of fuel and to produce far lower levels of particulate emissions than older units.

If you live in Anderson and have an existing wood-burning appliance, White Glove technicians can help you get the best possible performance out of it, from sharing best burning practices to keeping your chimney system in top shape through annual maintenance and care when needed.

Another Wood Option

If you’re not familiar with pellet-burning fireplaces and stoves, there are a lot of benefits to this efficient and convenient fuel. The pellets used in pellet-burning appliances are wood, but they’re made with what would’ve been waste wood — shavings and sawdust that is recycled and repurposed for cozy warmth.

One of the best added benefits of pellet appliances is that they lean more toward the convenience and ease of a gas-burning fireplace — pellets are loaded into a hopper, and that hopper feeds fuel into the fire as needed, no tending, no building, and very little ash left over.

If you are a resident of Anderson and are curious about pellet appliances, we’d love to tell you more — just give us a call!

From Heating To Cooling

If energy efficiency is of particular interest to you, we can also help you cool your home while using far less energy with a swamp cooler. These systems are effective, economical (both when it comes to energy and energy costs) and use fresh outside air to cool your home, making them extra pleasant to use, too.

From heating and cooling to vent systems,  White Glove is here to help. If you need chimney or vent care in Anderson, give us a call or click here to schedule an appointment online!


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