White Glove Proudly Offers Comprehensive Chimney Care to Hayfork

White Glove offers complete chimney and vent care services to cities and towns throughout Northern California, including various stops in Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Siskiyou and Trinity counties.

Hayfork has been a part of our service area for many years, and we’re always glad to head back that way, for anything from repairing chimney leaks to cleaning wall furnaces.

If you live in Hayfork and have a chimney system or venting system that needs care, give the CSIA-certified sweeps at White Glove a call!

Country Traditions In Hayfork

Many people choose to stay in or move to Hayfork to take advantage of country living and traditions, more focused on appreciating and living among the natural beauty around us, less mired in the constant buzz that takes over many of our modern lives. In lots of cases, that embrace of tradition also includes an embrace of traditional wood-burning hearth appliance heat, and as longtime chimney technicians, we can’t help but appreciate that mindset.

The traditions of chimney and fireplace building trace back almost as far as civilization itself — people were building chimneys as far back as the 11th and 12th century, and many of the designs that masons used hundreds of years ago still inform the work chimney professionals do every day. We’re proud to be a part of carrying those traditions forward, and helping our clients in Hayfork enjoy their hearth appliances by keeping them working as efficiently and safely as they can and should.

Keeping Wood-burning Fireplaces And Stoves At Their Best

If you live in Hayfork, odds are you have access to abundant wood to fuel your fireplace or stove. To make the best use of that fuel — and to keep your appliance and chimney at its best — certain burning practices are worth adhering to.

That includes properly drying out your firewood — if you’re using felled or cut wood, it should be stored for at least a year in a dry, raised area where air is able to circulate, before it’s burned. Burning green or moist wood results in a fire that burns too cool, produces excess smoke and creosote and, over time, often leads to the development of glazed creosote, which is not only a major potential fire hazard, but a serious undertaking to remove, too.

To add to your wood-burning fireplace or stove’s performance, safety and longevity, you’ll also want to keep on top of the necessary regular maintenance. That includes an annual inspection — to make sure that damage, from leaks to failing components, isn’t present, and that all components of the system are performing properly — and regular chimney sweeping to keep creosote deposit levels under control.

From that regular maintenance to repairs or troubleshooting, White Glove technicians are always glad to help our clients in Hayfork. If your chimney or appliance needs attention, let us know – we’d be glad to help.

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