White Glove: Providing Professional Chimney And Vent Care To Mount Shasta

For more than 30 years, the thoroughly trained and experienced CSIA-certified chimney sweeps and venting technicians at White Glove have been serving the residents and business owners of Mount Shasta. Whether we’re providing annual inspections, troubleshooting a chimney system, or performing extensive repairs, we feel lucky that our job brings us to Mount Shasta on a regular basis.

We’ve been offering chimney care services to home owners and business owners throughout a large cross-section of Northern California for going on four decades now, and Mount Shasta residents have long been a part of that service area. If you live in Mount Shasta and need any kind of chimney care — from having a new hearth appliance installed to having repairs or maintenance done on the system you already have — we’d love to help you. Our chimney and fireplace services include the following: Chimney, Fireplace & Stove Cleaning; Chimney, Fireplace & Stove Inspections; Chimney & Fireplace Repairs; Chimney Relining; Hearth Sales & Installation; Wall Furnace Cleaning, and more!

Call us to make an appointment to meet with our experienced, CSIA-certified technicians!

Keeping Your Dryer Efficient & Your Air Clean

We don’t just work to keep your chimneys and fireplaces as safe and efficient as possible — we also take care of your dryer vents. Proper dryer vent maintenance is incredibly important if you’re to reduce fire risk and energy waste. Our technicians provide thorough, mess-free dryer vent cleaning and can even re-route or repair your system for higher efficiency and better safety.

As part of our dedication to your safety, we also provide air duct cleaning, sealing and testing to ensure that you can breathe easy when you’re in your home.

Snowy Mount Shasta Climes Pose Unique Chimney Challenges

Mount Shasta’s location — perched in the shadow of its namesake volcano — is part of what makes it such a beloved destination for folks that love winter sports and activities, from mountaineering to skiing and snowboarding. That location — and the way the mountains affect the air — help contribute to greater amounts of snow, and you’ll have a hard time getting snow sports enthusiasts to complain about that.

That wonderful snow does have its challenges, though, if we’re coming at it from our perspective as chimney technicians. White Glove works hard to help Mount Shasta residents keep their chimney systems working well — and that means arming them against the effects of snow and moisture.

Precipitation — including snow and ice — can take its toll on a chimney system. A masonry chimney stack or a chimney crown with a small crack might absorb moisture from melting snow, which then expands and contracts with temperature changes, causing spalling — the masonry more or less bursting from the inside out, creating a need for serious repairs. That’s just one of the things we look out for as we’re caring for a Mount Shasta chimney, particularly during our annual chimney inspection visit.

We can do a lot to help keep your Mount Shasta chimney protected against snow and moisture damage, from waterproofing your masonry chimney to performing chimney flashing and chimney crown repairs as needed.

If you live in Mount Shasta and want to talk about protecting your chimney system from winter weather — or need any other kind of chimney care — White Glove would love to help. Give us a call to tell us about your needs, or to make an appointment!


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