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White Glove Helps You Stay Cozy In Weed

The weather in Weed is pretty perfect for those of us who want a full four seasons but gravitate far more toward the cooler climes than the warmer temperatures. With a long stretch of fall-to-winter cool-down in Weed — letting us take full advantage of the snowy activities and Mount Shasta winter fun so many folks come to the area for — fireplaces and stoves are able to get a good share of love here. But that also means our fireplaces and stoves need regular maintenance and cleanings.

If you live in Weed and have been looking for a dependable company to care for your fireplace or stove and chimney system, call on White Glove. We’ve been offering expert chimney care to residents in Weed and throughout a large section of Northern California (from Shasta County to Tehama, Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Siskiyou and Trinity counties) for more than 30 years, and we’d love to help you enjoy a system that performs as effectively, efficiently and safely as it should.

From annual inspections and chimney sweeping to repairs and installations, White Glove can handle any Weed chimney care job you have in mind — just give us a call!

Weed’s History Is Marked By Wood

Weed’s early days were centered around logging and lumber — something visitors can easily learn about today at the Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum, even if the industries in town have branched out from there since.

It’s not unexpected, then, that many of our Weed resident clients are very fond of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. With accessible and affordable fuel in abundance and beautiful mountain-town winters, Weed makes for a great place to enjoy crackling wood fires. We’re proud, at White Glove, to be able to help many Weed homeowners and business owners keep those hearth appliances and chimney systems in the best shape possible, with quality services like annual maintenance, cleanings and repairs, when necessary.

Here at White Glove, we love wood-burning appliances, but our work certainly isn’t limited to that fuel — we’re also ready to provide chimney care to residents who prefer the convenience of gas, or who like the midpoint between gas’ convenience and wood’s charm with pellet-burning fireplaces.

Whichever fuel your current appliance burns — or whichever fuel you’re feeling drawn toward for a new hearth appliance — White Glove can help with all your service needs.

If you need chimney care (or dryer vent and air duct care) in Weed, give us a call or click here to schedule your appointment!


We believe that even a small town like Willows, CA deserves the same quality service we bring to every location in our service area.


It is the fortune inside that we look forward to when eating a fortune cookie. White Glove might be the cookie, but we provide you with the fortune you seek.

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White Glove Chimney serves a large portion of Northern California, including the counties of Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Glenn, Siskiyou and Trinity.

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"Dear Bob,
Thank you for your gracious handling of our complaint. By way of explanation, as I'm sure you & your staff were curious but were too polite to ask, I will offer this brief tale of the chicken in the duct. Turns out that this was the work of our obviously disgruntled & vindictive ex-renter who we evicted in October after 6 month of proceedings for lack of rent payment (not to mention the large marijuana growing operation had going on our property). We had 2 CA State Troopers supervising & escorting him off the property but he was allowed to return with the Management company employee to get his stuff out the following weekend. At that time he must have taken the store bought chicken & stuffed it down the vent as a final act of vengeance. As it turns out, this is the same creative mind that made headline news in your community (& world wide it turns out) for cooking & feeding the dog to his girlfriend (when you were first called we had no idea of what this character was capable of as his stunt with the dog was more recent). This is certainly "one for the books"! We are probably lucky it was JUST a chicken... I guess, considering this warped individual's history, it could have been worse!"

~ Carolyn Keller