If you’re done with wasting money on a central heating unit, and your are sick of running an electric heater to keep warm this winter, there is another option! If you’re looking for the ambiance and heat of a fire, but you are afraid you don’t have enough space or money for a new fireplace. You can choose from a variety of options of stoves at White Glove, and we can also install them. Stoves are efficient, stylish, and they can be installed anywhere.

Why Choose a Stove

a stove full of fire You can install a stoves in any room, any space, but you should get a professional to install it. Traditionally, they’re made of cast iron and come in a variety of styles. They can burn pellets, wood, or gas. They are closed units, which means they are really fuel efficient. If your only available space is a tight corner or inside an old fireplace, there is still a stove for you!

  • Wood Stoves – Wood stoves are the most traditional one. Homeowners can cut firewood from their own land or buy from a local supplier and heat a space, all winter long. It’s important to find properly seasoned firewood and to only burn seasoned firewood in your fireplace. It is the most economical fuel source if you have your own wood supply. However, if you do not have wood on hand, you might want to explore other options.
  • Pellet Stoves – Pellet stoves are growing in popularity, and they are environmentally-friendly and efficient. Pellets burn just as hot as wood, and they are made from wood. They offer many benefits and having a hopper that continuously feeds the fire for a consistent temperature is just another plus. They come in a variety of styles to compliment your personality and home. When you choose a pellet stove, you don’t even have to bother with the mess of firewood or the difficult of lighting fires. They are equipped with igniters that light the fire immediately.
  • Gas Stoves – The most efficient of the stoves and fire appliance is gas. Gas stoves are equipped with constant fuel. Once your gas stove is properly installed, it is always accessible, just turn your unit on with a button or switch. Gas is the most convenient with igniters, exact temperature control, and immediate shut off capabilities. Many gas units even have a remote control.

Professional Installation

You can find the fireplace of your dreams when you work with the professionals at White Glove. From finding the perfect stove to installing it, the team at White Glove is here to help! Our House of Fire showroom carry all the top brands in fireplaces, and our team is certified and licensed. We can even install your unit according to federal and municipal fire safety codes. Ready to choose your new stove? Call us today at 530-924-3164.