Swamp coolers are a popular option in and around Chico, California, and for good reason. Swamp coolers, also called evaporative coolers, use less energy to do the same job as an air conditioning unit–and better! In this climate, and other regions with low humidity, swamp coolers are perfect. In order for them to work year after year, they should be serviced regularly and maintained properly. As your summer winds down, let White Glove help with your swamp cooler, and avoid unpleasant odors, wasted money, and possible damages.Swamp Cooler Sales & Services - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & Duct

How the Swamp Cooler Works

The swamp cooler looks like an air conditioning unit, but instead of continuously cooling and circulating the same air, it draws new air from outside, and cools it through a more natural and eco-friendly process. It’s called an evaporative cooler because it uses evaporation to cool the air in the home. A pump circulates the water from a reservoir to a cooling pad. A fan draws air through the now wet pad and is cooled by evaporation as it passes through. The pad should be completely saturated in order to work properly, so if the pump, fan, or motor is damaged, the unit needs attention.

Common Swamp Cooler Problems

Your swamp cooler may show signs of problems by the end of the season, especially if there are hidden problems. If the water reservoir is empty, the air will not cool. Damage to the pump, fan, or motor will result in a hot house. Damage to the pads may result in unpleasant odors whether the unit is working properly or not.

Unpleasant Odors and Outside Air

Because air from the outdoors is brought in to cool the house, any kind of air pollution can affect your swamp cooler. Smoke in the region can affect your swamp cooler pads and lead to unpleasant odors and cause your swamp cooler to become less effective. As the fan draws air through the pad, it may deposit particles there. The pad becomes dirty and causes the fan to work harder to get the job done. If your swamp cooler is causing odors in your home, it can be frustrating, but there is time to correct the problem before damage is done to the unit.

Service Appointments and Repairs

When you have a swamp cooler, even a great model like those we sell at White Glove, they still need routine maintenance. At White Glove Chimney and Air Duct we install and service swamp coolers year-round so that your unit is ready to work when you need it. We can assess your unit when you notice a change in performance or odors that indicate trouble. It’s important to have the swamp coolers checked regularly, especially when the air around your home is filled with smoke. It may not give you problems now, but odors may occur at any time. Calling White Glove now means you can rest assured that your unit is ready for use next summer too.

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