Is cleaning out the lint trap enough?

Most of us know that a dryer’s lint trap needs to be cleaned out regularly. Yet, every time we check the trap, we are shocked by how much debris has accumulated there. We find dog hairs, little pieces of paper, tissue and, of course, lint. Now, imagine what your neglected dryer vents have collected over the months and years. Horrifying, right? Well, The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) understands just how horrifying it is and recommends having your dryer vent system inspected and cleaned annually to ensure that it is working efficiently and safely.

dryer vent packed full with lint

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Vents Cleaned: Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Efficiency

When your dryer vents are neglected, the welfare and safety of your family is threatened. According to the NFPA‘s (National Fire Protection Association) Fire Analysis and Research division, there were over 16,000 dryer and/or washer-related home fires in the year 2010 alone. Of these 16,000+ fires, 92% were clothes dryer-related. Some of these fires resulted in massive property loss, civilian injury, and even death. The saddest part is that many of these fires could easily have been prevented, had the washers/dryers been regularly cleaned. The NFPA tells us that this failure to clean was the number one cause of these fires.

In addition to the fire hazard that an improperly-maintained dryer presents, a dirty dryer can also be a source of carbon monoxide in your home. When a gas dryer has congested ducts or is improperly ventilated, the gas is not burned completely and carbon monoxide spills into the home. Because it is invisible, colorless and odorless, your family could be inhaling this life-threatening gas without even knowing it. Sadly, carbon monoxide incidents are on the rise and, even in small doses, exposure can cause permanent brain and organ damage. Many individuals do not even recognize the symptoms of exposure because they appear as common headaches, nausea, dizziness and lethargy. The longer an individual is exposed to carbon monoxide in any amount, the higher their risk of permanent and possibly fatal damage.

When you have your dryer vents professionally cleaned by a White Glove professional, you can be confident that your laundry room is not a source of toxic air or a fire waiting to happen. You will also notice a significant decrease in required drying time with the use of lower heats. Because your dryer won’t have to work so hard, you can expect it to last longer and run more efficiently. Your clothes will thank you, too!

What exactly does a dryer vent cleaning entail?

When White Glove cleans your dryer system, we use rotating brushes and a powerful, tri-motor vacuum to remove lint from beginning to end. We also check the interior of the cabinet for buildup if it is accessible to us.

At the start and finish of our cleaning, the air flow and temperature of your dryer is measured,revealing immediate results in efficiency and safety. This measurement also gives us a point of reference for future cleanings. If we know the air flow when the dryer is in need of cleaning and freshly cleaned, we can schedule future cleanings based on those measurements. We highly recommend a product called Lint-Alert, which detects changes in your dryer performance over time. This device can be set to your dryer’s optimal performance (i.e. the air flow and temperature after a cleaning) and alert you when your dryer is no longer running as efficiently. This device takes away the guess-work, and lets you know exactly when you should call us back for a cleaning. A White Glove professional will gladly show you this product at a scheduled cleaning and answer any questions you may have.

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