When you’re looking to renovate, upgrade, or refinance your home, consider making a change to your fireplace. Upgrading an old fireplace or installing a new one may be just what you need to bring your home decor together, raise your property value, or help you to fall in love with your home this season. A fireplace will be the focal point of your home, a backdrop for family photos, and supplemental heat throughout winter. It’s time to check out what fireplaces have to offer. You can see them in action at White Glove’s House of Fire. We feature many of the top industry brands and models and a fireplace expert is available to answer questions and to help you find the unit you need.

Wood, Gas, and Pellet FireplacesFind this gas fireplace with stunning log sets at the House of Fire

When you shop with White Glove, you can choose between wood, gas, and pellet units. Each have their own benefits, and we definitely have our favorites–but we’re committed to matching you with the best one for your home and family.
Wood – This may be the best option for your if you have readily accessible wood to cut from your own property. Wood offers the most beautiful and realistic flame, but comes with the most mess and the most work. With wood comes, wood chips and dust, ashes, creosote, and more soot than other fuels. It also requires storing (or buying), seasoning, cutting, splitting, and carrying. Many homeowners opt for other fuel types for ease and efficiency.
Gas – Gas units burn the cleanest of all fuel types, and gas appliances also have many great convenient features. You can turn your gas unit on with the push of a button, control the heat precisely, and they require much less maintenance and cleaning. The only drawback to gas is that the flame may look less realistic, but when you come check out units at the House of Fire, you may find that many gas units come with moveable ceramic logs that help your fire to look more life-like!
Pellet – For those homeowners who look for convenience, but still want the high heat output and beauty of wood, you can choose pellet appliances. Pellets are a manufactured product made of wood products. They’re environmentally friendly, and they burn cleaner and more efficiently than wood. They also have convenient features such as easy ignition, temperature control, and even a hopper to feed the fire consistently.


You may not be looking to buy a new fireplace at all, but a grill. If you’re looking to buy a grill, fall is actually a great time! Holiday festivities are better when you can move the group outside and cook away from the crowded house. We sell grills big enough to cook for a large group, and they’ll also be helpful when cooking for holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving. Don’t take up the oven all day with the turkey. Bake it on the grill!

You can stop by our House of Fire anytime between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday, and 10 to 4 on Saturdays. An expert will always be around to assist you and help you find the best products for your home and family.

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