Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services

If you are in need of Air Duct Cleaning Services in the Chico, CA area, hire our certified technicians! We are certified and trained, and we also have specialized tools to remove all dusts and debris from your home. We offer both domestic and commercial air vents cleaning, and we use two methods to clean air ducts: contact cleaning and negative air cleaning, where we use high quality brushes and vacuums to thoroughly remove all dusts and debris. 

Benefits of Clean Air Ducts

      • Removal of mold, animal debris, and dust mites, which can cause flare ups in Legionnaire’s disease, asthma, allergies and more
      • Lower your risk of fire due to a build up of flammable dust and debris in your ducts
      • Allow you and your family to breathe clean and fresh air


I called other companies but they would not come out. I recommend you. You are on time, friendly, clean and professional. I am very happy with your service.
~ Leslie Baken, Chico, CA

You are courteous, friendly, punctual and very easy to schedule with. You do quality work. We like how you take care when bringing your equipment in and out and also take care to not track dirt in. We love your reliability!
~ Dave Klasson, Redding, CA