Chimney Sweeping Benefits Image - Chico CA - White Glove ChimneyIf you own a car or truck you know what it means to invest in something. You spend quite a bit of money on it, make it yours, and take care of it. This can mean a weekly wash and wax to some. Others might wait until the periodic rain shower to rinse off the grime. No matter what, though, automobile owners can agree on one thing: oil changes are a requirement. No matter what else you do for your car, the oil change is preventative maintenance and cannot be neglected. If it is, efficiency decreases, parts can be damaged, and the car can eventually be ruined.

The chimney would still exist if it wasn’t cleaned but efficiency will decrease, parts will be damaged, and it will eventually be ruined. A fire would most likely burn in the fireplace, and some smoke would probably rise up the chimney, but when it comes to your home and health you want your chimney operating at it’s best.

Safety First

If a chimney is continually used without regular chimney sweeps, the natural byproducts produced during a burn are left inside. This soot and tar, called creosote, settles into the chimney and clings to the walls. If left long enough, it builds upon itself until it begins to obstruct the chimney flue, affecting draft, and bringing efficiency down substantially.

When creosote is allowed to build, it melts when hot, then cools and hardens into a glazed state known as glazed, or level three, creosote. In this state it is highly flammable and can be difficult to remove. A certified chimney sweep can remove it with an industrial chemical product that transforms it into flaky dust, and then it can be removed with brushes and a high-powered vacuum system.

Raise Efficiency

Scheduling regular chimney sweeps is the most effective way to maintain efficiency. When the chimney is clean and the chimney flue walls are smooth from top to bottom, it operates at it’s best. The chimney depends on drafts and air pressure to keep it working properly. When you neglect regular chimney sweeps your chimney can stop working completely, causing a smoky fireplace or appliance as well as raising fire risk. When the updraft isn’t enough to push the vapors and hot air out of the chimney, it can stall in the chimney, igniting the flammable creosote there.

Comfort Year Round

When your chimney is clean it is safe and efficient during burn season, but what about the off-season? If you let your chimney stay dirty, build up with creosote and soot, it will stink when the summer humidity hits it. Even the Northern California humidity is enough to cause a stinky chimney. Avoid this hassle by scheduling your chimney sweep appointment. Call before winter and you can have your best chimney in time for winter.

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