When you have chimney problems, they usually fall into a couple of categories. You may have a worn-out fireplace unit, a broken or missing part, or the structure itself has damage. The problem is when there is a problem with the chimney, it can go unnoticed for months, possibly years, without having repairs. During this time, there can be substantial damage hidden from view, and using it can put your home and family at risk.

The biggest culprit of chimney damage and the hardest for homeowners to recognize is a chimney leak. That’s because the first signs of a leak are usually only the first signs on the outside of the chimney! By the time a homeowner notices signs of a leak, the problem has likely been occurring for a while behind the scenes. In order to catch problems such as leaks in the interior of your chimney, you must schedule annual maintenance with professionals.

So You Think You Have a Leak

chimney with blue skyIf you think you have a leaky chimney, you may see dripping on the masonry, hear it inside the chimney, or smell odors of mold or mildew inside the fireplace. These are all signs pointing to a leak. White staining on the exterior masonry, rust on doors and hinges, discolored brick and mortar in the firebox, rust stains on the top of the chimney—these are all signs to watch out for.

You may even experience a leak in another part of your house entirely from the chimney. This is likely caused by the chimney system. The water comes in by way of the chimney system but moves through ceilings, floors, and walls until it reaches the lowest point possible. There it pools and forms a leak. Your first inclination may be to call a repairman or general contractor. However, the first person you should call is the chimney sweep!

Chimney Leak Diagnostics

When you call the professionals to diagnose and repair your chimney leak, you should call the certified chimney sweep in your area. Only a chimney professional knows exactly where to look and how to stop the problem at its source. The first place that any chimney professional look is the flashing. It’s the most common point of entry and the most vulnerable point of the entire system. The flashing is often installed hurriedly and incorrectly. Perhaps you don’t know what flashing is at all. Perhaps you’re not even sure if your chimney has it.

Call White Glove and we can make sure your flashing is not the cause of your chimney leak. Not only do we repair flashing, but we also install chimney caps, repair crowns, and even waterproof the masonry to prevent future chimney leaks. If you suspect a chimney leak, if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned or inspected in the last calendar year, or if you simply want to protect your system from future problems through preventative measures, call White Glove at 530-221-3331 or 530-924-3164 today!