Swamp Cooler Alternative Image - Redding CA - White Glove ChimneyTwo-thirds of homes in America have an air conditioner of some kind, and if you’re one of these homeowners you probably experience some financially angst each spring just thinking of the electricity bills to come. Actually, even though only 2/3 of homes have an air conditioner, the air conditioners still account for 5% of all electricity produced in America annually! You may be a homeowner who cannot afford that much electricity every summer, or you might be looking for alternatives. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with low humidity, like Northern California, then we have the perfect alternative for your home cooling.

Introducing the Swamp Cooler

What if we told you that your home could stay at a steady 77 degrees during a 110+ degree summer, using a fraction of the electricity an air conditioner does?

Swamp coolers, also called evaporative coolers, use fresh outside air and about one-fourth the energy as an air conditioner. White Glove Chimney and Air Duct recommends and installs only the best swamp coolers on the market, and these bring temps down 10 degrees lower than traditional swamp coolers. These products are not just rated for homes, but also garages, shops, and warehouses. White Glove is also a licensed Coolorado representative and installer, allowing our professionals to install these state of the art evaporative coolers rated for large warehouses spaces, gyms, etc.

How it Works

A swamp cooler works much the same way as the way your grandmother might have hung wet sheets in the windows and doors on hot summer nights. When the air blew through them (even if it was hot air) it resulted in cooler air. This is where the idea for evaporative cooling began, and why we have such innovative products on the market today.

Swamp coolers are generally the same size as an air conditioner. They draw air from outside, and pull it through damp filters that cool the water and add moisture to it. This process is continuous, and most swamp coolers are self-draining and only need filters changed every five to seven years!

The Catch

White Glove is happy to recommend our best swamp coolers and install them to our neighbors in Northern California, however, in other areas they may not work. For instance, swamp coolers work less efficiently, and in some cases not at all, in climates with 30% or more humidity. Because of the way they work, and the process of cooling the air by adding humidity, the air needs to have less that 30% humidity to start. This is a drawback for many homeowners who are stuck using air conditioners at a high cost of energy. If you are in Northern California, or other western states that have less humidity, consider a swamp cooler. It’s good for the environment, and good for the wallet.

If you’re dissatisfied with your air conditioner this year, make a change before next summer! If you’re ready to switch from an air conditioner to a swamp cooler, a White Glove technician is a phone call away. Our professionals are experienced in installations, and can help you make the transition quickly and easily. Call White Glove today, or request an appointment online.