A New Wood Stove Image - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & DuctInstalling a new wood stove is a sure-fire way to raise property value, bring together the aesthetics of your living space, and to supplement your heat system. New wood stove designs are versatile. You can choose a freestanding stove or a fireplace insert. Both types connect to and use the existing chimney flue.

An insert fitting into an existing fireplace, a freestanding stove unit connecting to an existing chimney flue—both sound pretty easy. Both sound like D-I-Y projects. A weekend afternoon at the local home improvement store and a good buddy to get the job done.


Hiring a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) is the ONLY way to be sure your wood stove has the capacity for the space you want to heat, is installed correctly and with the appropriately-sized chimney flue, and that it meets all fire codes and municipal regulations.

Professional Installation

It’s our goal at White Glove Chimney and Suct, as CSIA members, to educate homeowners on fire safety as well as to offer the best services in the industry. By getting the stove installed correctly, it will work correctly, efficiently, and safely. This is because a certified chimney sweep doesn’t just install the new stove. Our technicians pay attention to the chimney system as a whole, have an understanding of air movement and catalytic technology, and experience with all styles and installation types. When you have your appliance serviced with White Glove, a thorough, Level 2 inspection will be performed to ensure that all areas are clean and working properly. We know the Redding and Chico area, and are familiar with the climate and the community. It’s our goal to keep all of our customers safe and warm this winter.

Once you have contacted a certified chimney sweep, have had your new stove installed and inspected, and your chimney system is clean, you’re ready to burn!

Choosing the Proper Wood for Your Stove

Perhaps you chose a wood stove for your home because you have a readily accessible source for your firewood. Maybe it’s in your backyard, and maybe it’s a merchant down the road. Wherever you get your firewood, you should be sure to choose only properly seasoned wood for your appliance. Properly seasoned wood should be cut and set aside to allow the wood to dry before it is burned. The time will vary, depending on what types of trees you cut. For instance, hard woods can sometimes take a year to dry. Softer woods take about six months. As a rule you shouldn’t burn wood that hasn’t dried for at least six months because it can burn incompletely, cause extra sparking and popping, steam, and really add to the creosote and moisture build-up in your chimney. If you purchase your firewood make sure it comes from a reliable source and look for cracking and grayness in color to indicate dryness.

White Glove Chimney and Air Duct services encompass the entire chimney system because it affects the entire home and family. From the forest to the fire, and up through the chimney, your safety is our top priority.

Call White Glove or contact us online to talk about your new wood stove installation.