Many people assume we spend more time indoors in the winter than the summer, but the truth is that it is about the same. During the summer, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors with the air conditioner blasting. If you’re like many of our fire and chimney customers, you may not use your central air system and air vents until the spring. If your air vents have been sitting dormant for the last 5 months, it’s time to have it checked before cranking on the A/C soon. At White Glove Chimney & Ducts, we want to ensure your A/C unit is efficient and safe before you start to use it for the summer months.

Air Ducts and Disease

washer and dryerIt is believed that cold and flu infections are worse during winter because of the cold temperatures. It can also be attributed to more time spent indoors. All the toxins in your home at any given time stay inside your home, unless it is removed from the home and duct system. Modern homes are made to be tight, with no access for air to get in or out. This means dust, debris, pollutants, and mold that are inside your duct system tend to stay put. There is some debate about how much of these microscopic pollutants make it into the air you breathe, but the fact remains. If these pollutants are left in the system, mold will grow and people will start to get sick. People with clean air systems have fewer respiratory issues!

Safe and Efficient Home Systems

We don’t just clean air ducts at White Glove; we also clean clothes dryer vents. These vents also affect your breathable air if not properly maintained. When your clothes dryer vent becomes clogged, you may notice a few warning signs. Some clear signs of a worn out or broken clothes dryer include:

  • Condensation and lint on surfaces of the home
  • Running the dryer heats the air in the home
  • The dryer and clothes are too-hot to the touch
  • It takes 2+ cycles to completely dry a load
  • The lint trap has little or no lint between loads

When your dryer vent is clogged, you waste money and time on laundry! It also decreases the life of your dryer too as you have to use it more.

Call the Pros!

White Glove cleans air ducts with a high powered vacuuming system, which removes all particles that shouldn’t be in your home. We even apply a mild disinfectant that will prevent bacterial growth between services. We clean and service clothes dryer vents as well, as it prevents devastating fires and saves you money. Don’t let your clothes dryer compete with the air conditioner this summer.

Learn more about dryer vent safety here, and then give an expert at White Glove a call at Chico (530-924-3164) or Redding (530-221-3331) today!