The chimney is a closed system of working parts that have an important job to do. The chimney system adds value to the home. The fireplace is often a focal point of a room and can be designed beautiful to accent different features. An exterior chimney also improves curb appeal. With all the benefits of having a chimney, it has a job to do.

Signs Your Chimney Isn’t Working

  • Sudden Decline in Efficiency—Producing less heat, using more fuel, producing more ashes.
  • Visible Damage—Stains, spalling, rust, water damage, and dripping.
  • Smoke and Smokey Odors—Smoke escaping from the fireplace, appliance, pipes, or masonry.

The Problem with Smoke

Smoke in the home is never a good thing. Even smoke produced from organic fuel (wood) is harmful when inhaled. Smoke is made up of water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and small particles called particulate material. These particles can cause respiratory issues over time just as carbon monoxide can cause organ damage over time.

Other than health concerns, smoke can cause damage in the home which can leave it smelling smokey indefinitely unless the problem is corrected and the home professionally cleaned, which can be costly. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and its effects, you should be sure to invest in a carbon monoxide detector and change the batteries regularly.

To Avoid Particulate Pollution and Smoke

  1. Be sure to burn only properly seasoned wood in your fireplace or appliance.
  2. Keep the chimney in proper working order by scheduling important maintenance like chimney sweeps and inspections.
  3. Crack a window to insure that the draft isn’t being compromised.
  4. Don’t light a fire in a cold chimney. Preheat the chimney by burning a roll of newspaper at the mouth of the flue. This bit of heat will help your fire to burn efficiently and vent up the chimney properly.
  5. Have a smoke guard professionally installed in order to direct the smoke up the chimney instead of out the fireplace or furnace. This can be an affordable option.

Don’t let chimney smoke put a damper on your plans. Talk to a professional today. If you think you have a smoke problem, a certified chimney sweep can help you. White Glove Chimney and Air Duct specializes in ventilation. A White Glove technician has the expertise to assess your chimney promptly, and we don’t settle for repairing damage. We fix the problem at it’s source, big or small.

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