The Saffire Kamado — A Ceramic Grill, Smoker & Wood-Fired Pizza Oven In One

How often have you wanted to smoke a brisket for 11 hours, sear steaks to lock in the flavor, experiment with beer can chicken, or roast a turkey for a get together? It’s time to invest in a Saffire Kamado grill — it’s a grill, a smoker, and a pizza oven right in your backyard.

This ceramic and stainless steel grill and smoker takes an ancient form of cooking to the next level. It’s designed to hold more food and to make it easy for even beginners to blow their friends away with perfectly seared steaks, hot wings, grilled veggies, stuffed pork roast, tender, fork-pulled brisket, and smokey-flavored baked pizza. Why invest in a grill, a smoker, and a wood-fired pizza oven when the Saffire Kamado is all three? For slow smoking, high searing, or baking, the Saffire’s all you need. The Saffire BBQ turns out mouthwatering, fork-friendly food consistently. Whether you are a beginner just hoping the meal turns out well or an accomplished chef, the Saffire BBQ makes you a pro.

Enjoy higher efficiency, easier start, and more control over flareups. In fact, airflow is so limited in these grills, flareups and temperature fluctuations are essentially eliminated. That means more precision, less unpredictability, and juicier foods using less charcoal. Just how much charcoal will the Saffire’s efficiency save you? Well, just one load of charcoal will allow you to smoke foods for 10+ hours. Using wood chips? With the Saffire ceramic grill, you don’t have to soak your wood chips, which means less work and more time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Saffire ceramic is twice as thick as other brands and often half the price of competitors brands. You can smoke for up to 16 hours on one load of fuel, and you only burn natural charcoal in it, which makes the food taste better than chemically treated briquettes do — plus it’s healthier. 






black and gold grill in front of flowers
man opening blue grill with smoke billowing out
brown grill in brown table
Other great features include:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • High Quality Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Industry’s Only Solid Cast Stainless Steel Control Top
  • Firebox Access Door
  • Ember Guard
  • Efficiency Plate To Reduce Heat Loss
  • Cast Iron Grate To Prevent Charcoal Fall-Through
  • Secondary Cooking Grid
  • Optional Cooking Grid Elevator
  • Smokin’ Chip Feeder
  • Ceramic Heat Deflector
saffire grill on display
But we know that function is only half of the equation — you want your grill to enhance your outdoor living space as well. With the Saffire Kamado Grill & Smoker, you can choose an Onyx Black, Jasper Red, or Sapphire Blue grill in a wood table with wood top, wood table with granite top, steel cart with bamboo top, or solo option. You also have three sizes to choose from. The small size will easily accommodate a large family, and with an XL, you can invite the whole neighborhood. However big or small your space or party, whatever the style or aesthetic, there’s a Saffire grill that’s just perfect for you. What does Saffire mean to us? Better prices. Better Build. Better Warranty.

Check out some of the videos below for more on these amazing grills & smokers — and if you have any questions, reach out to us today. We at House of Fire love talking grills!