Pellet Stoves, Fireplaces & Inserts

Many homeowners want to use renewable, environmentally-friendly fuel to heat their homes, but they don’t want to worry about seasoning, stacking, and storing wood — plus, they long for just a little more convenience. If that sounds like you, a pellet stove, fireplace, or insert might be your best bet.

What’s there to love about pellet appliances?

Pellet Pros

  • Pro #1: One of the biggest selling points for pellet appliances is that the pellets that fuel the fire are made of condensed wood waste. That means that warming your home with a pellet stove, insert, or fireplace is both environmentally-friendly and efficient. And because pellets are made from wood, the heat and flames produced are as good as it gets.
  • Pro #2: One of the downsides of wood fireplaces and stoves is that the logs used to fuel the fire must be properly seasoned, stacked, stored, and hauled from storage to the fireplace. That’s a lot of work and it can require a lot of space you may not have. Pellets, on the other hand, can be purchased in bags of differing sizes, so you can easily store and carry fuel. Enjoying a hot, relaxing fire just got easier.
  • Pro #3: Just because you love the look and warmth of a wood fire doesn’t mean you want to spend the time starting the fire and keeping it going. With a pellet fireplace, stove, or insert, getting the fire going and keeping it burning hot is easy, thanks to automatic hoppers, programmable thermostats, and easy ignition features. That’s a plus for sure!
  • Pro #4: Because of the pellets themselves and the efficiency ratings of pellet burning appliances, having a pellet fireplace, stove, or insert is a highly efficient, low-emission option. So you can get cozy without worrying about waste or the environment.

Ready to see some of the great pellet appliance options out there?

Pellet Stoves

The DeerfieldDeerfield™ Pellet Stove

The Deerfield™ is a beautiful European-style pellet stove that brings elegant style and unbeatable performance together. With a heating capacity of up to 2,500 sq. feet, an output of 13,940 to 49,200 BTUs per hour, and an efficiency rating of 78%, there’s a lot to love about the Deerfield. The glass fuel loading door and the mirrored ceramic glass viewing area make this a beautiful addition to any space. Features include long burn times (up to 35 hours), even heat distribution, and quiet operation. Plus, you can burn any grade of wood pellet fuel, and the hopper capacity is 60 lbs, so you can spend less money on fuel and less time refueling.

Pellet Inserts

AGP Pellet Stove InsertAGP Pellet Insert

The AGP™ pellet stove insert is an efficient, cleanly designed appliance that will enhance just about any fireplace facade. It’s designed to heat spaces 800 to 2,000 sq. feet in size and puts out 11,480 to 41,000 BTUs/hour. With an efficiency rating of 78% and a maximum burn time of up to 57 hours, you’re going to love the money and effort this insert saves you, and the heat and beauty it adds to your space.

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