How to Get Rid of Smoke Stains on Your Fireplace or Hearth - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & DuctA properly functioning fireplace should be clean and free of any smoke stains. These unsightly stains are not only a problem aesthetically, but could also signal a bigger issue concerning your fireplace. A CSIA Certified Sweep can not only help you fix the root cause of smoke stains, but can also make your chimney look brand new again.

What Causes Smoke Stains

There are several problems that can lead to smoke stains appearing on your hearth. One problem could be an improper draft. Draft is created when hot air rises. It pulls in cold air and expels the hot gasses outside. If a draft is too weak or is flowing in the wrong direction it can create many problems, one being smoke stains. There are several reason a chimney may have problems with draft. The chimney may be too short, too wide or may be blocked by an animal or other debris. A Certified Sweep can pinpoint the problems that may be causing an improper draft and remedy the situation.

Another issue that could be causing ugly smoke stains to form on your hearth is creosote. This dangerous, flammable substance builds up on the walls of chimneys that have not been properly maintained. This tar-like substance can prevent your chimney from venting properly and cause smoke stains. This problem can be avoided by having your chimney inspected and cleaned every year.

How to get Rid of Smoke Stains

You may have tried cleaning smoke stains yourself in the past and had little to no luck. These DIY methods are not very effective and require lots of hours and elbow grease. Other solutions used by Chimney professionals contain harsh chemicals that produce such noxious gasses that the technicians who apply it must wear special equipment to keep them safe. The homeowner must also vacate the home while the treatment is being applied and can’t return until the home has aired out completely. Good news! There is a much safer and more effective solution out there. It is a product called Paint ‘N’ Peel, which is made by the chimney experts at ChimneySaver. This safe, non-hazardous solution is painted onto the walls of your chimney by a technician. The paint is then left to dry 6 – 12 hours. As the paint dries, it turns into a thick, rubbery substance. Once it has dried, the technician will return to your home and peel off the coating. Underneath we will be a clean, spotless hearth that looks as good as the day it was installed. During this time you will not need to leave your home as there are no noxious fumes. You will also be able to immediately use your fireplace once the treatment is finished.

We at White Glove use Paint ‘N’ Peel and can make your chimney spotless and clean again. To see what Paint ‘N’ Peel can do, be sure to check out the video on our website. There are some amazing before and after shots you have to see to believe! We can also help you identify and fix the problems causing your smoke stains. Give us a call to setup an appointment!