Your chimney system is made up of many parts, and all of them are important for proper and safe function. Your damper, which is traditionally located in the throat of the chimney can be impossible to see, and may cause problems that the homeowner doesn’t even notice. You can ensure that your chimney damper is properly installed by:

  • Hiring a certified professional for all services, repairs, and installations
  • Paying attention to your chimney’s performance and calling a certified professional for an assessment.

Why the Damper Matters

Your damper may seem like the least important part of your chimney (out of sight, out of mind), but when it stops working, or never works properly, it can cause a host of issues for your chimney and home. Your damper allows air to flow freely through the chimney. It’s helpful when lighting a fire, controlling the fire, letting smoke and carbon monoxide safely out of the house, and preventing drafts from entering or exiting your chimney year-round.

The type of damper also matters. Many older masonry chimneys already have a throat damper installed. Some appliances, like wood stoves, have a damper in the unit. There are some dampers that are installed onto the top of the chimney, called a top mount damper.

Professional Installation and Services

Anytime you need any service for your chimney system, you need to hire a certified chimney sweep. A Certified Chimney Sweep (CCS) is trained and experienced in chimney safety, but also in residential safety codes that can cost you an arm and a leg if you’re in violation.

White Glove Chimney and Air Duct is licensed, certified, and insured. Our field technicians are experienced chimney experts that live in and work in this area. It’s our goal is to keep our customers and neighbors in Northern California safe and warm, which is why we offer expert services for damper sales, installations, and repairs.

Throat Damper Services

If your fireplace is smoky or cold backdrafts blow in from your fireplace, call White Glove, and we’ll check it out. Your damper may be rusted or broken. We can replace it completely, or install a top mount damper that can save you money year-after-year.

Top Mount Damper Services

More homeowners are choosing top mount dampers because they are a convenient 2-for-1. It serves as a damper and doubles as a chimney cap, keeping animals, weather, and wind out of your flue. The top mount damper is installed at the top of the chimney. It has a tight seal, so it keeps your system secure from the top-down. It has a cord that reaches right to your hearth, so all you have to do is pull, and it opens and closes. These dampers are often called energy saving dampers because they prevent conditioned air loss with their tight seal. They also provide a water-tight seal during the wet springs, saving even more money in repairs. With this and throat dampers, it’s important to hire a professional, and to hire the right professional.

White Glove has our customers’ safety in mind. We offer affordable services including routine sweeps and annual inspections, installations, repairs, and even masonry construction/repair/rebuilding. Hire White Glove Chimney and Air Duct year-round for expert services and a professional experience every time.

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