In the spring, the housing market is booming. In fact, homes are cheaper during the spring than they are in the summer. If you’re looking to buy a house or you’re in the midst of the process, now is the time to schedule a real estate inspection.

Appraisal or Inspection?

When you’re under contract or “in escrow”, your REALTOR will schedule an appraisal which is required if you’re financing a mortgage. The lender will only loan you X amount of money if the home is worth that much or more. The worth of the property is determined through a professional appraisal. This is NOT the same thing as a real estate inspection/home inspection. A home inspection or real estate inspection is optional for the buyer, and it is essential when you’re making a large purchase such as a mortgage.

Real Estate Inspections: Our Specialtyroof of a house

While the appraiser will focus on the worth of the property, the home inspector will focus on safety. A regular home inspector which your REALTOR may refer you to will focus on the overall home, but never once mention your chimney! We specialize in real estate inspections, as required by the NFPA 211 Standard, inspecting chimneys, fireplaces, and venting systems so that you know the home is safe before you sign the dotted line.

Our technicians are not just inspectors. We are chimney and fire experts, CSIA certified, with the knowledge and experience to get your new property assessed before you have a problem.

Chimney Inspections

We offer CSIA inspections so that after you buy your dream home, you can have your chimney system inspected and maintained year after year by someone you trust. You should schedule an inspection with a professional as soon as you gain access to your new home. Other times that a chimney inspection is necessary are:

-Annually, when nothing has been changed, and no problems are present

-After a change, repair, installation, or weather event that affects the chimney system

-When a problem is suspected, after a sudden drop in efficiency/performance

During your real estate inspection, our trained inspector will look inside your chimney system, assessing from top to bottom. We will look specifically for cracks, breaks, rust, holes, and wear. An appraiser or standard home inspector will look at the chimney to make sure it is “plumb”. Unless there is an obvious leaning problem or masonry issue, it will not get attention. That is why we offer special real estate inspections to new homeowners and prospective home buyers in our area.

Call us at 530-924-3164 or schedule online. We don’t only want you to be safe in your new home today, but every day year after year. Check out our full list of chimney and venting services and put us on speed dial for emergencies!