Replace My What?

If you’re told your flue liner needs to be replaced, you deserve to know why. Understanding what a flue liner is can help you be sure you know what you’re getting into.

A flue is the passageway from the firebox to the outside that travels through the chimney. The lining inside this passageway is a way to contain combustible gases like carbon monoxide that can corrode brick and mortar and enter your home. It also protects the chimney from heat damage and corrosion by regulating heat. An unlined chimney can heat up so fast that the adjoining wood in the home structure can catch fire. Flue liners also contribute to the efficiency and life of your fireplace or wood-burning stove.

Every time it rains, water can make its way into your chimney and over time, can cause cracks to form in your liner.

Every time it rains, water can make its way into your chimney and over time, can cause cracks to form in your liner.

Flue liners in masonry chimneys are often made of clay tile, and when they become cracked or deteriorated, creosote can get into the mortar and build up, eating it away and causing dangerous chimney fires. Newer homes are usually equipped with factory flue liners made for pre-fabricated chimneys. These are often metal, but aren’t always made to last, and can rust or deteriorate after several years’ use.

Building and fire codes will often dictate that chimneys be sealed to ensure safety. The National Fire Protection Association has also issued statements that flue liners with cracks, gaps or other damage should be repaired or replaced. We like to use Heatshield® to repair and reline damaged flue liners in masonry chimneys. Of course, this is just one of many options for replacing your flue liner, depending on what kind of chimney you have. For pre-fabricated chimneys, we’re partial to stainless steel—the best bang for your buck and extremely durable.

We can help you adhere to building and safety codes, while also ensuring the safety of your home from damage caused by faulty flue liners. Getting your chimney inspected annually is your first line of defense. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier it can be to repair. Don’t wait to schedule your inspection if it’s been over a year. We are highly qualified to address and meet all of your chimney needs and serve several counties in the northern California area.