White Glove Proudly Serves Red Bluff

Since 1977, White Glove has been providing expert chimney services to our neighbors throughout a broad section of Northern California, including towns throughout Shasta, Tehama, Butte, Glenn, Colusa, Siskiyou and Trinity counties.

Red Bluff has long been a regular stop for our CSIA-certified technicians, and we’re proud to continue to provide Red Bluff residents with everything from annual chimney inspections and chimney sweeping to fireplace and chimney repairs and air duct cleaning services.

If you need chimney, air duct or dryer vent care, we’d love to come out to Red Bluff and help.

We Help Preserve Historical Architecture And Beauty In Red Bluff

Folks who appreciate historic architecture — particularly of the Victorian style — can find a lot to love in Red Bluff, the “Victorian City on the River.” Part of our training as CSIA-certified chimney professionals involves digging into the construction and make-up of historic chimneys — from how they were built to the materials used — so we’re prepared to, and expertly capable of caring for, repairing and restoring those beautiful time-tested structures. A result of that education is the development of an even stronger appreciation for historic buildings and architecture, which makes our regular visits to Red Bluff that much more appreciated.

If you have a historic home and need work done on your chimney system, you can be confident that with White Glove, you’re in good hands. We’ll work to preserve the beauty and structural integrity of your system while making sure it’s working as efficiently and as safely as it should be.

From Yesterday To Today

At White Glove, we pride ourselves on being well-educated and well-rounded chimney professionals. That means that we’re equipped to provide proper care to your chimney if you own a historic home or building — whether that means intricate tuckpointing work or properly relining a historic flue.

But our education is ongoing, so you can be confident that our technicians are in tune with the latest developments in the chimney industry as well, from techniques to products. We can advise you on the best new factory-built fireplace and chimney system for your home, help arm your existing chimney for decades of strength and use by applying a specially-formulated waterproofing sealant, or upgrade your energy efficiency by installing a top-sealing damper.

We’re here for all your chimney needs, whether your home and chimney were built in 1914 or 2014. If you’re looking for a trusted local chimney and vent care company, give White Glove a call at 530-924-3164 or click here to schedule your appointment online!

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We enjoy our customers in all the locations we serve and that includes the great folks in Redding.