Should Old Chimneys Be Used - Chico, CA - White Glove ChimneyWe inspect plenty of old flues. The one pictured here was built in 1924.  As you can see, it needs some work. The oldest chimney we’ve restored was 45′ tall and built in 1867. It’s been used hard for the last 25 years and is still in great condition.

Most old chimneys, like most old people, need some refurbishing. The joints are bad, the top is loose or broken, the interior parts are leaking where they shouldn’t… The difference is that old chimneys can be relined, repaired, and made to function better and with greater safety than when they were new. I’m sorry to say, that’s not true for people.

From soaring, mustachioed Victorians to humble bungalows on a tree lined lane – White Glove Chimney & Duct has the skills and products to make them usable and worry free. Don’t “hope it’s ok”. Get your chimney inspected. If you already know it needs help – Call professionals who understand old flues need and can give you practical options for repairs.

For an inspection of your chimney or flue, contact White Glove Chimney & Duct with locations in Redding and Chico to serve a large area of Northern California.