Many homeowners in the area are reaping the benefits of having a swamp cooler. They do the job of an air conditioner while also using less energy and cycling in fresh air. Homeowners throughout the mid and southwest can use evaporative coolers in place of a standard air conditioner because the humidity is less than 30 percent. However, even in the most optimum conditions, your swamp coolers can become stinky after prolonged use.Smelly Swamp Cooler Image - Chico CA - White Glove Chimney & Duct

Causes of Swamp Cooler Odors

At White Glove, we get frequent calls through the summer regarding swamp coolers. Our customers and neighbors in Northern California often experience damage to their units or they may require minor repairs or maintenance. A common complaint happens to be foul odors, and there’s usually a good reason.

  • Poor Maintenance
    If your filter isn’t changed regularly, your evaporative cooler can take on a foul odor due to bacteria in the inner workings. It’s important to schedule maintenance for your evaporative cooler one to two times per year in order to keep it working properly and to avoid foul odors.
  • Damage to the System
    If you have changed the filter and the pads regularly, but still experience odors from your swamp cooler, there may be another problem. Having it checked by a professional will determine whether there are missing or damaged parts. If the unit isn’t working properly, it could result in odors.
  • Environmental Changes
    Homeowners who live near the ocean may periodically notice a fishy smell coming from their swamp cooler. This is simply due to the air outside of the house that is drawn in. A similar phenomenon can occur when there is smoke in the air due to wildfires. The smoke particles are left on the pads as the air is pulled through and cleaned. These pads will need more attention and maintenance during periods of heavy smoke in the air.

Preventing Swamp Cooler Odors

Schedule regular maintenance for your swamp cooler. If you live in or around Redding or Chico, California, schedule with White Glove. In between service appointments, make sure you check the unit periodically and replace water pads at the beginning of the summer, before turning the unit on. Check the pads every month, just like smoke detectors. It’s also important to empty the contaminated water. Your system may have a bleeding system that ejects the dirty water immediately. If not, there is a drip pan that needs to be emptied regularly in order to prevent bacteria growth and odors!