Do you have a chimney that hasn’t been seen by a professional in the last 12 months? Have you been burning a fire in a fireplace that is visibly damaged, leaking, stained, or missing a cap or other component? Have you purchased a new home that has a fireplace, and you’re not sure if it was properly inspected by a CSIA certified chimney sweep? It’s not too late. Even if you are using your fireplace daily, it isn’t too late to call a professional and have it inspected and fixed before winter is over. Having your chimney repaired can raise the chimney’s efficiency and make it safer. When your chimney is safe and efficient it will save you money in the long-run.  Start Thinking Chimney Repairs Soon – Chico CA – White Glove

Avoid Winter Damage

If you schedule chimney repairs soon, you can avoid some serious winter damage. Ordinary wear and tear on masonry can become serious damage during winter due to the freeze/thaw cycle. This is what happens when water settles into cracks and voids in the masonry. As temperatures drop, the water freezes, expanding and busting apart the masonry. When temperatures rise, the water melts, moving further into the damaged masonry, and repeating the process. As the freeze/thaw cycle repeats throughout winter, it can cause dangerous and costly damage over time. If you have visible damage or haven’t had the chimney serviced in the last 12 months, you may already have winter damage. Have it checked out now, and rest assured you’ll be ready for the rest of winter.

Maximize Fuel and Heat

If your chimney is damaged and remains unrepaired, it will continue to work less efficiently, even dangerously, for the rest of the winter. A damaged chimney will not work correctly. The air will not flow out the flue properly, causing more deposits of soot and creosote on the flue walls. It raises the fire risk, makes it more difficult to light and keep a fire burning at a decent temperature, you’ll even burn more wood to reach the desired temperature. Don’t waste your firewood, your time, or risk your home, your money, or your life. Schedule chimney repairs now, and get the most out of your fireplace.

Avoid Water Leaks

Damage that goes unrepaired now will lead to leaks in the spring. Spring showers will have access to your chimney, and water wreaks havoc on masonry. It not only damages parts of your chimney system but can also damage other parts of your home. Water will get into your home by way of the chimney and then flow through ceilings, walls, and floors until it forms a leak. Your ceiling may leak several feet away from the chimney, but it will still be caused by the chimney leak that could have been prevented. Water damage is 100 percent preventable, and homeowners rarely see it before it causes damage, so it’s best to prevent it.

When you begin thinking about tax season, spring cleaning, and warm weather, don’t forget your chimney system. It’s a great time to schedule necessary services, including an annual inspection, and a professional chimney sweep.

Call White Glove Chimney and Air Duct for your chimney repairs. We care about your home and family and want to help you get the most out of your chimney system this winter. Winter isn’t over yet, and there is plenty of time to have your chimney repaired, and still enjoy a warm fireplace these remaining weeks of winter.

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